Sunday, 29 June 2014

Blog Business Cards - Do You Need Them?

These are my new blog business cards - they're the minicard from Moo! But are business cards for blogs really necessary? I have regular sized business cards printed for my photography studio and I hand these out and use/need them regularly. Blogging is not my full-time occupation but it is a very important part of my life and what I do. If you're starting to attend blogging events or social gatherings with other bloggers you might find yourself wishing you had something to leave behind.

I've ordered business cards for my blogging adventures before and I still have a large stack leftover from when This Fashion is Mine used to be a .blogspot address! It's very likely that 100 business cards dedicated to your blog are going to last you quite a while. I tend to give mine out to other bloggers I meet, people who are interested in blogging or companies and brands that need my contact information.

It's great to have some unique cards with you, you never know when you might need them. I opted for these mini versions which are ideal to slip into parcels or letters, hand out to those who want your details and act as an little introduction to your blog.


  • Your blog name.
  • The URL address at which everyone will find your blog. This should be the same as your blog name.
  • Your own personal name. Unless you blog under an alias you should include your full name so people know who they are speaking to and can address letters or emails to you in the right way.
  • Short description of what your blog is about. I've used three words Lifestyle | Fashion | DIY
  • A photograph or graphic. This can just be a logo, a photograph of yourself, or a photograph that sums up your blog. (i.e. a fancy cupcake if you blog about baking.)
  • Contact information. I don't give out my personal phone number unless I know the person, but I always include my business email address and sometimes Twitter handle so people can contact me. 
  • A description of who you are. Again I've kept mine short and sweet with Blogger | Photographer
  • A familiar colour scheme, logo or graphic. Something that will identify your blog and your cards should always suit your blog colours/text font. If your blog appearance is something you change regularly then go for a neutral or simple business card design.

Using you can start with one of their templates or you can upload a completed design from your computer. I downloaded a template of these mini cards and created my design on Photoshop. This box of 100 was £12.23. I'm impressed with the speedy delivery but I think the image and text on the cards could have been a little sharper - but overall I'm always pleased with Moo's quality, the texture and weight of the card which means a slightly heavier price tag. 

If you're serious about your blogging and ready to tell the world then carrying a few business cards can't hurt. But please don't spend too much money and time on thousands of cards which I guarantee will be out-dated as soon as you have a blog design overhaul or even a change of address! Let me know in the comments if you have ordered business cards before for your blog and do you find them useful or a waste of money?

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  1. I think these are a great idea - been meaning to get business cards for ages for the blog. Just for the ease when you are at events and get asked "what's your blog?". Very pretty design too!!

  2. definitely need them, we are in the business


  3. I purchased my business cards from tiny and love them. I think your totally right that they come in handy when you go to an event or something of the sort. Great post!

  4. I got sent 1000 after winning them in a giveaway and trying to get rid of them all has been a lot of work! I still like having them thought but I think 100-250 would be enough.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  5. Oh my gosh thank you so much for this post. I've been considering getting some business cards for a while :)

    - Natalie
    | A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog |

  6. I'm not sure about business cards... but yours sure are gorgeous! I think its a cool thing to have in your purse for any reason but I don't know if they would actually serve any purpose for me personally, I would probably end up decorating my bedroom wall with them. Maybe if my blog grows a bit I would consider it but I will just stick to designing them online and never buying them:)

    Alannah I Kissing Winter

  7. I will keep your tips in mind for the moment I'll need them... I've just started blogging but I've already had to write my blog on a piece of paper a couple of times, and a simple business card would be much better... I think I'm going to make 10 at home and then consider doing them in bulk (no more than 50 at a time, I think). xx

  8. Obvious I need this because I am in Business.These are the idea and innovative tips regarding printing business card..Keeping these info in memory I can be able prepare business cards by own.It may not sure but Your thinking is so gorgeous.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  10. That business cards awesome.. What a beautiful card. Thanks for the new idea.. I have been looking into some Custom Printed Business Cards Austin TX. Will defiantly try this out. Thanks again

  11. This post is awesome! I think every one needs business cards as long as you into something lucrative. I did a similar post this year Do Fashion Bloggers Need Business Cards? and I shared my view and tips on the subject.

    Mira La Belle


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