Monday, 2 June 2014

Barely There Nail Polish

There are a good number of pale pink nail polishes on the market that provide a very 'meh' weak colour. I never quite understood these poorly pigmented shades. We probably all have one or two of these lurking within our nail polish collection. They look pretty in the bottle but what you get on your nails just doesn't compare. But recently I've come to learn that these nail polishes have their advantages. Especially for summer, if you're looking for a very natural 'my-nails-but-better' polish then these are ideal.

Some of the polishes that I've collected over time include the MUA Shade 18, Ciate Amazing Gracie, Ciate Ivory Queen, OPI Altar Ego and my all time favourite nude (and more opaque) Essie Fiji. These are all shades than can be built up to increase opacity, but with one light coat of polish you can achieve the barely-there effect which works for classier occasions.

It's important to start off with a neat manicure. It doesn't matter how long or short your nails are, any length will work with this look. But you want your nails to be neatly shaped and even. Mine are quite long at the moment, long enough to show their own natural white tips. With a coat of pale pink polish they look quite french manicure-ish but less cheap and false - more natural. The polish I've used here is one light coat of 'Amazing Gracie' by Ciate. It's glossy enough to use alone but you could always finish your manicure with a high shine top coat.



  1. I enjoy barely there polish quite often - I love OPI's You Callin' Me a Lyre? and Care to Danse? :) x

  2. I've seen people wearing their nails like this but little uncertain yet, might have to wait until my nails are longer. Love the colour of the leather jacket in the pictures as well.
    Love Alana xxx

  3. So pretty, I love nail polish like this! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  4. I've been looking for some good nail options that I feel I can get away with for school and this has really helped!
    Sarah x

  5. I love Essie's Fiji, it's such a beautiful colour!

    Ciara x

  6. I used to hate it when I bought a really gorgeous colour nail varnish without sampling it and then realising it has barely any pigment whatsover. But I think you do prove a point in that they can be quite nice. I think you do have to have nice nails underneath for it to look its best.

  7. I always want to wear polish like this but trying to get my nails to look all neat and tidy needs to be done before i try it ! Love this for summer though

    Distant Dreamer

  8. I really love essie's ballet slippers for this kind of look. Yours look so pretty too!!

  9. Beautiful, love the natural nail look. (Also loving the pink shade of your jacket too!) Justine xx


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