Friday, 13 June 2014

2 Minute Lazy Girl Hair

When it's too hot to wear my hair down or my hair is just not doing what it's told, I pull it back into this low messy bun. It takes just a few minutes to style and will stay in place all day. It's a hairstyle that will look slightly different every time you do it because there is no fixed formula and it's about making a mess rather than keeping things neat. You don't need any special tools, just your fingers, one small hair band and a few hair grips.

I started with second day wavy hair. The hair has more texture and hold when it's not been freshly washed. The day before I had used a curling wand so the waves had dropped out but this left me with the perfect starting point for my summer up-do. Part your hair in the centre using just your fingers.

Start by sweeping the two front sections of your hair back and securing with hair grips. 

Then gather the rest of the hair into a messy bun with your fingers. Secure loosely with a small hair band.

 Now add a few hair grips here and there to hold the messy bun to your head.
Pull out sections with your fingers and pull down a few strands at the front to frame your face.

You can complete the hair style with a light spritz of hairspray to keep things in place but I tend to let mine get messier and messier as the day goes on! Check back soon on This Fashion is Mine for my 'Easy Summer Makeup' as pictured above.



  1. I love this look so much! x

  2. Such a pretty style for summer, your hair colour is lovely as well!

    Meg ♡

  3. Looks amazing! I like to put my hair up like this when it's hot as well :)

    ~ Hannelore

  4. Definitely going to try this especially as my hair is so short now this is probably the only way I'll be able to wear it up without fallout! X

  5. Ahh :/ Jealous ! It never looks like this when I do it ! Haha
    Eb x

  6. This is so pretty!!!! I need to try this! It is great for summer.

  7. I really love this look! Might have to give it a go. And you are so pretty x

  8. Love this hair-do. It's similar to something I do when my hair is on it's second day and I don't have much time!

    Haaappy Summer!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  9. Love this, I'm going to a wedding at the end of the month, deffo gonna try this!

    Faye x

  10. This looks lovely. I am utterly balls at doing my own hair but I think I could manage this!
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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