Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What's in My DIY Kit

Over the years I've tried and tested many products or tools for DIY crafting. I've come to have my favourites and these are the items I keep stocked up on for a variety of projects. From simple diys such as my tissue paper flower crown to the slightly trickier camo clutch bag - the following items are always close to hand. I've included links to the best places to buy and links to DIYs using the products...

Fabric Paint

These little pots are the best fabric paints I've ever used. The colours are strong, easy to work with, mixable and dry to a soft finish. Painting on cotton fabrics the paint just blends with the material so after a wash your design is soft and flexible. They also have such a wide range of shades. The only colour I've been a bit disappointed with is their Silver Metallic paint, it's a bit wishy-washy but every other colour I've tried is fantastic. I've re-purchased these so many times and will continue to for future projects.
Where to Buy: Dylon Fabric Paint on eBay - cheapest I've found
DIYs using Dylon Fabric Paints: Printed CushionsFeather Print ShirtInk Blot TeeGalaxy Print Tee

Fabric Dye Sachets

Just like the Fabric Paint Pots above, Dylon make the best fabric hand-dyes too. Their sachets of powder just need mixing with warm water and salt and you can make a dye bath as strong or as weak as you like. The colours are vivid and I have a lot of fun working with these dyes, I don't feel nervous about things going wrong as I've always got great results using these.
DIYs using Dylon Fabric Dye Sachets: Dip-Dye Tote BagsOmbre Denim JacketTie-Dye Duffel Bag

Fabric Scissors

A good pair of fabric scissors makes all the difference when working with materials and reworking clothes. Unlike ordinary paper cutting scissors they are designed to cut easily through a variety of fabrics. I have a large and a small pair. They've stayed sharp for many years too.
Where to Buy: Fabric Scissors Large £4
DIYs using Fabric Scissors: Easy Kimono, Mesh Crop Top from Tights, Jersey Skirt from Men's Tee

Hot Glue Gun

I've recently been introduced to the best DIY tool there is. A hot glue gun. How I have gone for so long without one is a mystery. You can pick them up quite cheaply too and buy a box of glue sticks at the same time because once you start hot-gluing there will be no stopping you! It's the best tool for a secure hold and although I wouldn't use it for fabric based projects it's brilliant for making headbands, embellished phone cases or jewellery.
Where to Buy: Cheap Hot Glue Gun on Amazon
DIYs using a Hot Glue Gun: Crystal Rock Headband and Ring

Sticky-back Foam

Sticky back foam makes the ideal hand-made stamp. You cut our your shape, peel off the backing, stick it to a thick piece of cardboard or a wooden block and you've made your own stamp! I made lots of stamps last Christmas and used them to print on to cushions and even plain brown paper to make my own wrapping paper. A pack of this foam stuff is not too expensive either.
Where to Buy: Sticky-back Foam on Amazon
DIYs using Sticky-back Foam: Printed CD Case, Printed Cushions, Aztec/Geo Print Tee

Seam Ripper

This tiny tool has been a very helpful member of my DIY kit. I use it to gentle unpick stitches or remove a long line or stitches quickly when either hand sewing or using the sewing machine and without it I'd be using scissors and risking ruining my project and my fingers.
Where to Buy: Seam Rippers on eBay
DIYs using Seam Ripper: Leather Sleeved Parka Jacket, Flower Embellished Sweatshirt


Everyone should own a sharpie! For household crafts and a fabric sharpie for drawing on tshirts, I will always keep a sharpie permanent marker in my DIY kit.
Where to Buy: 2 Pack Sharpies and Laundry Fabric Sharpie
DIYs using a Sharpie: Illustrated Makeup Bag, Illustrated Tote Bag, Men's Wooden Keyring

I keep my DIY stuff in several glossy boxes and one big drawer. Eventually I'd like to have a unit of drawers to keep everything together and get more organised with my craft supplies. As always you can find all my tutorials on the DIY Archive page. Be sure to let me know what items you're always reaching for and if you've tried out any of my DIYs I'm always keen to see photos!


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  1. My gran used to shut her fabric scissors with a padlock so no one else would use them to stop them going blunt :')
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