Friday, 2 May 2014

Wake Up Happy - Lumie Clock Review

The Lumie clock sounded like a product designed for me. It's a body alarm clock that wakes you up with a gradually brightening light. The daylight bulb is supposed to naturally bring you out of sleep feeling refreshed and awake. It's actually a certified medical device and has been said to reduce the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which I most definitely suffer from as do a huge majority of the population (And 60%-90% of SAD suffers are women.) It's also supposed to help those who are not normally 'morning people' feel better throughout the day. Yep, that's me, I tick all the boxes! It retails at £59.95 but I bought mine via Amazon as they tend to have offers on this product regularly, it's currently on offer here.

I've been using the Lumie clock for the past few weeks and I thought it was about time I reviewed my experiences and shared them with you guys. I'm rubbish at getting up in the morning. Really terrible. I'm most certainly a night person, I can stay up late and find I'm at my most creative and productive in the late evenings. The Lumie clock is expensive so it's a big risk/decision to purchase one. That's why I want to give my honest opinions about how it's worked and how it hasn't worked for me.

What Are the Features?

Without going into too many boring details which can all be found in the manual, the Lumie bodyclock can be set to wake you up each morning with a 30 minute sunrise. It slowly fills the room with (pretend) daylight. You can also use it each night with the 30 minute sunset feature - helping you switch off and wind down.
For the deep sleepers worried about not having an alarm to wake them up in time for work, the Lumie does also come with an alarm sound - which is very loud and very nerve wracking. I haven't figured out if I can change the alarm tone, but it's so awful I never use it.

Does it Work for Me?

The clock works - but not in the way I expected. I wanted to be woken each morning just by the room filling with light and feel fully awake and ready for the day ahead. Instead I sleep straight through the 30 minute sunrise and beyond! I'm a heavier sleeper than I thought! So what I still do every night is set an alarm on my phone for the morning. I sync it with my Lumie clock so for example if I wanted to get up at 8.00 the Lumie sunrise will begin at 7.30 beaming its full power at 8.00 and my iPhone alarm with sound at 8.00 to make sure I'm up. Using my phone alarm seems like we are back to square one and the Lumie clock is doing nothing at all and what a waste of money that was - but no, it helps in some ways...

When my phone alarm goes off every morning I open my eyes (sort of) and see my bedroom is filled with daylight. It's a much more pleasant experience than waking up in pitch darkness. I'm still tempted to snooze my alarm but my body is now in a more awake state of mind and I can up and out of bed sooner.
I also feel brighter and happier. I hate having to get up so early that it's still dark outside. The lack of natural light makes me grumpy and tired. So having the Lumie clock to introduce some light into the room helps lots.

What Else?

The clock has these cut out sections in the back so the light fans through them and projects a sunrise on the wall behind. I like this feature! The clock itself just looks very pretty sitting on my bedside table. It's small and round. When you hit the button to set the sunrise the time display dims so you don't have a digital stream of light hitting your eyeballs when you're trying to sleep. You can choose to pop the sunset feature on or off. I like using the sunset just before I go to sleep. I tend to do my last minute browsing on Twitter, Instagram etc and the gradually dimming light is a big hint that I should put my phone down! 

Final Thoughts

Now I've been using the Lumie clock for over 2 weeks I can feel a benefit of using a light bodyalarm every morning. It doesn't work every time and it doesn't work in the way I thought it would but it's having an effect on my mood in the morning and I'm getting much better at waking up early. I can only imagine how this will help in the Winter months when it's cold and dark. I'm going to continue to use it. It can also be used as a bedside lamp which no one seems to mention!
I'd recommend investing in one if you struggle to get out of bed due in the morning, especially if you have a particularly dark bedroom. My bedroom doesn't get any direct natural light through the windows until midday. You can find it usually on offer for around £50 here.



  1. I would never have thought of this, but it actually seems like a really good idea! Definitely something I'm going to consider! Thank you for sharing!

    - Natalie
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  2. This looks like a really good product that I think would help me out but I would be reluctant to fork out £50 for it. I've been using the Sleep Cycle app on my phone which is meant to wake you when your sleeping lightest in a 30 min period but I really like the idea of using light instead :) x

  3. I'd love this, my man gets up much later than me though do dint think he'd appreciate it

  4. After reading your most recent post i thought I'd read this before deciding on Lumie, I;m quite a light sleeper so I;m thinking the light may wake me up without the use of my iPhone alarm. However, I would probably set an alarm just in case so I didn't miss my lectures/shift at work! I definitely think this would work better in winter as thats when I get most upset about having to wake up, getting up for a 9am lecture in the pitch black and freezing cold is rather depressing!


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