Saturday, 3 May 2014

DIY Mandala iPad Mini Sleeve

My latest DIY post comes in the form of this simple and basic canvas iPad (or tablet) case. I was inspired to decorate the fabric with Mandala style designs after seeing their popularity grow. Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. It's also become a very popular tattoo recently. This DIY could be adapted in many different ways to fit whatever tablet or phone you have, you could even make a large sleeve for your laptop.

What You Need...

Mandala Dot-Work Designs
Canvas Fabric
Sewing Machine
Cream/Brown Felt
Sewing Pins
Brown/Black Button

Measure the amount of canvas fabric you will need by using your iPad or tablet as a template.
Don't forget about leaving room for seam allowance.
I'm making a very basic sleeve pocket for my iPad Mini so I needed one long length that I will fold in half.

Print out your favourite mandala or dot-work designs on your Iron-on Transfer Paper. I only used one A4 sheet of paper - so no waste! I chose mandala circles in various sizes and also chopped some circles in half to make arcs. Cut them out and lay them on your sleeve to find the right placement.

Then you you can go ahead and iron them on!
Follow the instructions on your pack of transfer paper. I heated the canvas up first with a hot iron, placed the designs face down on the fabric and ironed pressing very firmly for about 1 minute. Leave the paper to cool completely before carefully peeling it away. Do one mandala design at a time. 
In the photos above you can see I have left room for seam allowance.

Now it's time to sew up your sleeve. Pin your fabric right-sides facing each other (mandala transfers touching) and check you can still pop your iPad or tablet inside. Using a sewing machine sew straight lines where your pins are. Then turn your sleeve back the right way...

I liked the raw top edge but you can of course hem this all the way around. 

You can add a button and looped tie. Check where your button needs to be placed by putting your iPad inside the sleeve. I made a loop using the same canvas fabric. 

I also decided my sleeve was feeling a bit thin, leaving my iPad unprotected. So using a piece of cream felt I made a lining. Using the same technique as before, pinning the sides, sewing and turning the felt the right way out. I pushed the new felt pouch into the canvas sleeve and ran a stitch all the way around the top to hold everything in place.



  1. This is so clever yet so stunning at the same time x

  2. Oh love that! You have so much imagination and talent to make all those cute things, wish I was that good with DIY!
    Cute and Wild

  3. It's very pretty, I love the mandalas.

  4. Love the look of this, the designs are so pretty! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | ASOS or Feelunique £25 Voucher Giveaway

  5. In absolute love! Do you have possible links to the designs you have used?

  6. Ahh this is literally such a lovely idea! :)
    I don't have an iPad but I'll be sure to try it out for something else!

  7. Sweet DIY! :)

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