Monday, 21 April 2014

3 Ways to Apply Blush

Surely there can't be that many different ways to wear blush right?! Well, I tend to wear my blusher in three different places upon my cheeks depending on the look I'm going for and the shade of blush. I'm about to show you how I use blush to change the shape of my face or get the look I want. I've kept all my other makeup the same but I've used three different cream blushers. Read on to the bottom of this post to find out which products I used.

001. 'Under Your Apples'

Sometimes I like to apply blush really low down on my cheeks. It's quite different from a traditional application but I think it gives a much more 'flushed' and realistic appearance. In each of these photos I have applied way more than I usually do, just to illustrate my point clearly. Pop your finger on the apple of your cheek, then move it down 1 inch. This is where I blend a smudge of pink-lilac blush. I like the uniqueness of this application but it's probably one that suits my face shape the least. 

002. 'On the Apples'

Traditionally this is where blusher should go. Smile to reveal the apples of your cheeks and pop a circle shape of cream blush right in the middle. I like the way this suits me as I have quite big apples (haha.) This does mean though that if I put any pink or red shades here I look like a jolly Santa. So I tend to use coral or peach blushes here instead.

003. 'Up High Cheekbones'

To slim the face down slightly you can use your blush on the tops of your cheekbones. Think about where you might apply highlighter, and swap that for your favourite pale pink blusher. This only works when the rest of your makeup is subtle but putting blusher up high near your temples has a very striking effect. It's a little tricky to see in this photograph I know it looks very similar to number 1 but the colour is taken much higher up on my temples. 

I used four blushes for these looks. My two new Revolution Liquid Blush Lacquers are in the shades 'Rush' and 'Heart'. I used Rush in the 1st look, it's a pale bright pink with lilac undertones - it's really beautiful. I used Heart in the 2nd look it's the coral-peach shade. Both of these blushes have amazing pigmentation you only need the teeniest amount and the texture is creamy and thick. For the 3rd look I used two - Topshop Cream Blush in 'Flush' and a bit of Topshop 'Powdered' over the top. 

All other products used: Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation, Collection 2000 Concealer, HD Brows Kit, Urban Decay eye-shadows from Naked Palette, Loreal Liquid Eyeliner, Benefit They're Real Mascara, Mac Hue Lipstick.



  1. Lovely post! I usually use the 2nd and the 3rd way, depending on what I'm going for. :) xx

    Nina in the Spring | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I really enjoyed this post - it's nice to see something different from the usual beauty posts.

    Jazzie x

  3. Never thought of the different ways before. All of them look fab on you too x

    Lauren // What Lauren Says

  4. Love cream blush! Just wrote a post about it on my blog today actually!
    What are your favorites?

    Emily // PENNY RUGBURN

  5. I didn't realise there were different ways to apply your blush! I've always applied mine high on the cheekbones, but I'm going to have to experiment a bit now.

  6. Love your make-up in no.2 :) you look so much like Natalie Dormer! x


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