Friday, 4 April 2014

DIY Pyjama Shorts from a Shirt

What You Need

Large Men's Shirt
Sewing Machine

I started by removing the pocket on the front of the shirt. I unpicked it carefully because I'm going to use it later.

Next you need to chop the shirt in half - I drew a line from armpit to armpit and carefully cut along it. 
You can throw the top half away.

We need to create a waistband in which the elastic will run at the top of your shorts. The width of your elastic will determine how deep your waistband should be. Turn the shirt inside out - then fold out the hem and pin down all the way around. 

Go ahead and sew just where the pins were. 
You could hand sew if you don't own a sewing machine but it will take much longer. 

Now we have a waistband! I snipped a small hole in the waistband which meant I was able to post the elastic through. I measured a piece of elastic to fit around my hips. If you want to wear your shorts higher up on your waist take a waist measurement. Always add 2 inches to this measurement for seam allowance.
Attaching a large safety pin to the elastic helps you to work it all the way around the waistband. It takes a bit of time but it will be worth it...

Now the elastic is all the way around the waistband. Don't loose the ends inside! You can now sew the two ends of elastic together. This is why we needed that extra couple of inches. 
I went a step further and used a zig-zag stitch over my elastic band which keeps it in place and adds a nice finishing touch.

You'll find yourself with a skirt! But if you'd like to go further and make the shorts you need to take a cut upwards in the center - a V shape. Then sew this V shape up. Make sure your still working with your material inside out. Once sewn up you can flip them the right way out again. You have shorts!

I fixed the original shirt pocket on to the back of my shorts and used a shirt button for a bit of decoration.

The shorts are comfy and slouchy, great for wearing around the house and they kind of remind me of men's boxers! If you pick a good soft fabric to begin with you'll end up with really snuggly shorts. 



  1. Amazing DIY, I'm definitely going to have to recreate these! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  2. This is such a good idea! This is one DIY I can definitely see myself trying xo

  3. Super easy, super quick, and I'm sure super comfy! Definitely something I'll try out soon!

  4. I love this idea! Pyjama shorts are so comfy

  5. These are super cute, if only I still had the figure!

  6. what a super diy.. i need a sewing machine
    PS: my shift key is acting up so am finding it real hard to capitalize letters

  7. You did a fantastic job. I mean seriously no one can assume that this was a simple shirt. You are amazing.
    Youth wholesale Tshirts

  8. that's such a simple tutorial...I never would have thought of that! I love pj shorts :)


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