Thursday, 17 April 2014

DIY Easy Kimono

It's the time of year to be thinking about floaty fabrics and florals. I'm digging out all my kimonos from last year, it's a trend that doesn't seem to be fading. I found this floral fabric recently and new it would be perfect for a kimono style jacket. Sewing clothes and using patterns might seem difficult but this tutorial is very easy and very forgiving. Because the loose material falls in folds it doesn't really matter if you don't do a professional standard job. It requires 4 straight lines of stitches, which can be done by hand or on a sewing machine. (Sewing machine is much quicker.)

Once you've got your fabric ready all you need is a measuring tape, pencil, needle and thread and scissors. Start by laying your fabric out in a large open space and following the diagram and instructions below you simply cut it into the right T-shape and then sew in the right places. 

001. Start by laying out a big piece of your chosen fabric. These are rough measurements as I didn't really measure up properly before starting. As long as you can wrap the material around yourself with lots of room and it's an ok length you should have plenty. My finished kimono reaches my hips like a jacket but you could make a much longer one if you like.

002. Fold chosen material in half. You can even lie on top of your fabric, arms stretched out to check you'll have enough!

003. You then need to cut out a T-shape! I roughly measured that about 22" of my fabric from the fold will be a good size for a roomy kimono sleeve. 18" was left for the body. Cut out the areas as the diagram shows cutting through both layers of fabric and pop left over fabric away to be used in another project.

004. You're also going to need a neck line, a hold for your head! So cut out a oval shaped section from the top middle. Again cutting through both layers of fabric.

005. Now you'll have something resembling a giant t-shirt/tunic. Give the tunic it's opening by cutting straight up the middle, cutting through only one layer this time! This will be the front.

006. All you need to do now is sew up the body and arms as appears in the diagram. I turned my fabric inside out (right sides together) and used a sewing machine to sew four straight lines. If you like you can hem up all the other edges or leave them raw. Try on your kimono to see how it fits! It should be roomy and floaty.



  1. This is so gorgeous! Love the print of the fabric too xxx

  2. I love your kimono and the pattern and colour of it is so pretty :) I really wish I was better at making clothes but this looks like fairly simple one to start with so perhaps I'll give it a try xx

  3. It's beautfiul, and indeed, very (VERY) easy !

  4. So wonderfully simple, I'm going to do this!

  5. I may have to try this!!!

    Laura- DemandBeauty xo

  6. I have to try this too. That doesn't sound that hard and looks great :)

  7. Love the outcome of the kimono and the material you chose to use is very pretty and perfect for the spring/summer season.x

  8. i've been looking for an easy tutorial for ages and i think this is it! just need to get my machine out now and i'm good to go haha

    xo Sarah

  9. This is such a lovely print, looks super easy to make too! Might just have to give it a go myself :) x

    The Little Things

  10. such a good idea! and its so pretty

  11. You are so creative! I love this idea of yours! I will really try this one! Thanks!
    xx, Malena

  12. I've just today discovered your blog thanks to the mention on "a little obsessed" post today. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and I am so glad I stumbled on this how to make a kimono post - I will definitely be giving it a go as I have a big love for these lately!


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