Monday, 28 April 2014

Blue Hair - The Body Shop Hair Chalk

The trend for colourful dip-dye or ombre hair may be dying a slow death but it seems companies (such as The Body Shop and Bumble & Bumble) are still releasing their own versions of 'hair chalk' in spray and pad form to achieve a wash-out colourful style. You can see a post I did back in June 2012 on using soft chalk pastels in your hair. That was a whole 2 years ago! What I like about the idea of hair-chalk is that it's easy, it's temporary and you can customise the look in so many different ways. I was sent this blue Body Shop hair chalk in a goody bag from Boohoo recently as part of their #experienceeverthing campaign and of course I was excited to try it out! It retails for £5 and they currently stock it in Blue and Pink.

It's basically a large eyeshadow pan, the chalk itself is very soft and creamier than standard chalk pastels. The pigment was also much stronger and only one swipe through the hair resulted in a bold streak of colour. I was impressed with how easy it was - although I can't speak for those of you with dark hair. I used the hair chalk throughout the ends of my hair, all the way around to the back and making sure not to miss any sections underneath. It didn't take long, after 5 minutes I was done. My hands were now covered in the stuff and it did take a while to scrub it all off. 

I didn't seal the colour in with hairspray but I've heard it can prevent fall out and help the colour stay put much longer. After application the ends of my hair felt full of product - the same texture you get when using regular chalks. It's not unbearable but it didn't feel like soft natural hair. I gently brushed through it which softed the colour a little but made it look more natural - if blue hair can look natural?

I loved the way it looked - but what happened next was a bit frightening. After taking these photos I saw the state of my neck - bright blue. And the state of my clothes - equally bright blue. There's a warning on the back of the packet to place a towel around your shoulders to catch falling blue powder but even after I was done applying, the chalk continued to rub off on everything. Not great if you're planning to walk around all day like this.

The colour was also a bit of a pain to wash out - my usual shampoo-rinse-repeat was not enough and I had to shampoo at least four times to rub all the colour out. Splashing blobs of blue water all over the place whilst doing so. I was panicking. I didn't want the blue to stain my blonde hair, or the bath! Thankfully after a thorough wash and condition all the blue was gone. I had to have a good scrub at the bath afterwards though but with some soapy hot water everything disappeared.

Overall I was a bit disappointed. Maybe if I'd used a hair spray to seal the colour I wouldn't have suffered from my blue-neck disaster. But there's no chance you could step out in a light rain fall and expect the colour to stay put. Fun for festivals and one-off occasions but I couldn't use this stuff on a daily basis. If you're wanting a colourful look that lasts a little bit longer I'd really recommend the Directions Hair Dye which will last for several weeks but you won't have any 'chalky issues'.



  1. Nice !!

  2. This is my favorite color for hair! Too bad it got all over your clothes and tub though... Are you going to try out any other brands?

    Sammi at Sammi Sunshine- A Food Blog

  3. Your hair looks amazing! My favourite shade of blue too!

  4. This looks gorgeous, shame it's a bit messy. I'd be scared to ruin my clothes!

  5. Oh wow this really looks lovely. I've been tempted to do mine pink and after seeing how well yours turned out I might just do it! xx

  6. The colour looks great on you! xx

  7. hair chalks can be really good, def staying away from the body shop ones now though

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