Friday, 21 March 2014

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

In today's post I wanted to show you how I made these gigantic tissue paper flowers which are perfect for decorations at events or parties but also make a very extravagant head piece for a photoshoot or fancy dress outfit. I have been working on a series of fashion portraits and using elaborate props and headpieces but I didn't want to spend a fortune sourcing the items so I've been hand making most things myself. 

At my first try I couldn't get the hang of these tissue paper flowers but now I find it so easy I can produce 5 or 6 every hour! You can of course make much smaller flowers if you were planning to pop them in a vase. You can even use them to decorate parcels and presents! 

what you will need:
sheets of tissue paper
string or wire

Start by selecting the colours you'd like to use. You will need around 3-4 sheets of tissue paper, laid out on top of one another. I used three different shades of pinks & purples but you can also use sheets of all one colour.

001. With all the sheets in a neat pile, start to concertina fold them from one end to the other.

002. Find the centre of your folded tissue paper and tie a piece of string or wire around the middle. Leave the wire long, don't trim it yet - as this will come in handy later on.

003. Fold the paper in half to trim the boring ends into a lovely rounded shape, just like flower petals. The more you cut off now the smaller your flower will be.

004. Unfold and start to open out your concertina folds and a fan shape will form, one on each side of the wire.

005. Be very gentle with the delicate tissue paper, ever so slowly you can begin to separate the layers. 
So before we were opening out the fan, now we are pulling up the sheets to create a 3D flower. Here I am pulling the lilac sheet away from the pale pink sheet, and then the pale pink sheet away from the rose pink sheet. The tissue paper will crease and rumple but this just adds to the flower shape! One or two tiny rips will not be seen but be careful not to tear the tissue paper too much.

006. After you have done one side, repeat with the other! 

The opening of the 'petals' is the most time consuming part as you have to go slowly and gently but the end result is so worth it! You can then choose to trim the wire or string, or use it to attach your flower to an object or even a headband...

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  1. Oh wow! These just look incredible Gwen! x

  2. That's soooo cute! :)

  3. really cuteee,,, i love ur diy :D

  4. I've made 10 poppy flowers for our school play, now I'm having a hard time figuring out how to attach it to keep it in the dancers hair. Did you wire or glue it to the head band and does it stay in place?


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