Friday, 14 February 2014

Red Lipstick for Beginners

[Above L-R Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush, Mac Chili, Natural Collection Crimson, Yves Rocher Mauve] 

"Ahhh red lipsticks are scary, I could never pull them off!" Were my thoughts for the majority of my teenage years and beginning of my young adult years. I'm now 22 and finally feel comfortable wearing red lips. It helps that red lipstick is now really fashionable and when I was at school and college people were putting foundation on their lips because lo-and-behold nude lipsticks just weren't cutting it!
With today being Valentine's Day I thought what better topic to discuss than how to make a red lip work for you...

I feel much safer in a soft pink or 'better than natural' shade of lipstick but I'm so glad I've finally found my way in the red lipstick camp. Especially for us pale skin ladies it can be hard work finding a red lipstick that suits our colouring and shaking off the paranoia that we look like clowns. I'm about to share with you my top favourite reds (a very small collection) that helped me get over my fear of red lipsticks. These reds are softer, and can be applied with a light hand or built up for more opaque coverage.

Natural Collection 'Crimson' £2.99
Cheap and cheerful this is a bright pink toned red that I bought last minute for a Wonder Woman fancy dress purpose. It did it's job, lasted well all night and didn't smudge. It's since become a bit smushed and broken inside the tube but what can you expect at such a bargain price!

Yves Rocher 'Mauve' £14.50
A dark purple plum-red that's really not as scary as it sounds. It was my first attempt at a darker goth like lip but it's build-able enough to only wear a sheer cover and it looks really young and grungy - not trashy. 

MAC 'Ladybug' £15.00
The ever rising cost of MAC lipsticks will always be painful but without a doubt MAC make the best lipsticks I've ever tried so I will continue to treat myself now and again. Well worth the money. Ladybug is a soft gentle red that's quite sheer. Easy to apply and wear during the day it's a great entry-level red lipstick.

MAC 'Chili' £15.00
My current favourite red lipstick. Maybe even my current favourite lipstick full stop. It's a orange toned matte red that works really well with my pale skin but it's not as bright as 'Lady Danger'. It applies best with a brush and does need top ups throughout the night but it doesn't feel uncomfortably dry on the lips.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush £12.00
I can't find a name on this one but I'm guessing it's the only red shade they make. This came in a Glossybox and you can see a little review and photos of me wearing this shade here. It's soft but easy to apply, I can do it without a lip brush and it's really lovely and moisturising so I forget I have it on most of the time! Quite a pinky soft red so again another great one for beginners. 

Barry M Lip Liner No.3 £2.99
I bought this liner because it was cheap but I've been impressed with how pigmented it is and all you need is a tiny amount of pressure to get a good line. I've since discovered this one only really works with pinkish toned reds such as the Natural Collection and Jelly Pong Pong. I've used this as a lipstick before by filling in my whole lips with it but it can be a tad drying. Helps to keep a layer of lipstick on for much longer though!




  1. I love Mac Chilli on you, what a beautiful red for fair skin gals. May need to add this to my collection - I love a good red lip!

  2. I am SO obsessed with Ladybug - I feel it's really overlooked by everyone xo

  3. I love the look of the Natural collection one, it is such a pretty colour! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  4. You look absolutely stunning! Really been wanting to get Mac Chilli for ages.. must go purchase!

  5. I really like MAC Chilli like everyone else.

  6. Oh my gosh, you look great with a red lip! I have only started wearing red lipstick in the last year (I'm 21) - before that I just thought I looked like a clown, and honestly, I probably did.

  7. Just a suggestion from one pale girl to another - Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick in Alarm is a gorgeous shade on pale skin. From your swatches, it looks closest to Chili (only much cheaper!). It's my go-to red lip and I love it!

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