Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Starting a MAC Palette & Price

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I've been thinking for years about starting a collection of MAC shadows. Four or five years ago these palettes were all anyone was talking about especially on YouTube and beauty blogs but the 17 year old me couldn't justify the cost. Now new palettes have stepped in and pretty much taken over (i.e. UD Naked 1,2,3) and the MAC Pro Palettes have been thrown aside to collect dust in an old drawer. My interest in owning one hasn't died down just because the hype has and I still will be cherishing mine for years to come.

I decided a good amount to kick start my palette with was 4 eye shadow pans. I picked 4 neutral shades, 3 of them shimmery and one matte. I went for the well known favourites and spent a few hours Googling each shade for pictures and reviews. The palette has changed recently, from a all black matte palette to one that's slightly larger with a see-through lid. At first I was disappointed I wouldn't get my hands on one of the 'original' palettes but once it arrived and I had it in my hands I changed my mind, I love this palette even more. It feels sturdy and the magnetic closure is very strong. I like that you can see the shadows without opening up the lid and the see-through plastic is very thick and shiny almost like glass, not what I expected, it feels like a quality product.

If you're looking at starting your own MAC palette I'd advise you to think carefully about the cost. I'm actually really lucky in that my big sister lives in Washington DC and was able to bring this home for me. The cost of MAC products in the US is significantly less than what we pay over here. online currently do not offer shipping outside of the US. If you have a planned trip to America coming up, or you know a friend or family member that's going ask ever so nicely for them to pick you up a MAC Palette. I've done a few calculations so you can see the difference in price. This is what I paid for a Pro Palette with 4 shadows...

UK Price

Pro Palette Large Single - £14.00
15 Eye shadow Insert - £6.50
Eye Shadow Pan - £10.00 each

Total Cost of my Palette with 4 pans = £60.50

US Price

Pro Palette Large Single - $8.00
15 Eye Shadow Insert - $2.00
Eye Shadow Pan - $10.00 each

Total Cost + 10% Sales Tax of my Palette with 4 pans = $55.00
Converted into GBP approx = £33.23

Total Saving = £27.27

Each additional eye shadow pan from the US would cost me £7.25 GBP. Compared to £10 in the UK this makes a saving of almost £3 on each eye shadow. This might not seem like a lot but it all adds up! For a completely full 15 eye shadow palette in the UK you'd pay £170.50 and in the US a full palette would cost you approx £106. This is with me adding 10% sales tax and converting the dollars into pounds using Google. Of course sales tax varies throughout the USA but generally it's between 5-10%. You're making a saving of nearly £70 on a full MAC Eye Shadow Pro Palette.

I'm slowly building my collection up so I can work out what shadows will be suited to me and which I'll get the most use out of. But in the future I'll be sending any orders to my sister for her to pack in her suitcase and bring home. Or waiting for my next trip to America to stock up on makeup. I'm happy enough to pop along to MAC in a UK Selfridges every now and again to pick up a lipstick or blush as I don't shop there that often but it's crazy how much more we are paying in the UK for our cosmetics than in the US.




  1. Oh man I really want one now. I also need to go to america, so jealous of their beauty choices! xx

  2. oh wow the price difference between uk and america is quite a difference would have never known you would save so much money, the palette is gorgeous! xx


  3. Would love to start my own mac palette, you're so lucky your sister can get them from the US!

    Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's.

  4. The price difference is crazy! This looks like a really nice palette though! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  5. I have always loved to own a mac palette but cannot justify the cost just for the palette itself!
    Keeley's Wardrobe

  6. I picked up my first MAC quad the other day and got nearly all of the same shades as you! I want to build it up to a full one eventually but just sticking with 4 for now. So jealous of Americans they get it so cheap! Great post :) xo

  7. really helpful post! and those 4 eyeshadows are the ones I'd probably get to start my collection too! xx

  8. Your palette already looks amazing ! It annoys me so much about pricing I was looking at mac lipsticks which were $15 in america...but £15.50 in England!! Xx

  9. This looks so pretty I would love one can't believe how much more we pay than the US x

  10. Not cheap, mac shadows are so good though would be worth it to make your own palette


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