Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My New Short Hair

So something happened one morning in January - I decided it was time to loose the boob length hair I've been sporting for the past couple of years and go for a new shorter style. I woke up one morning and called my hairdresser to make a last minute appointment, went in later that day and came out with significantly less hair on my head. It was a bit of a spontaneous decision but I'm really happy with my new look.

My hair feels so much healthier, no end crappy ends and now it's all one length - I chose to for very blunt choppy ends with no layers so my hair would be nice and thick at the bottom. All inspired by Fearne Cotton's overgrown-bob. I prefer to wear it wavy and slightly messy rather than smooth and sleek. I use a curling wand by Babyliss to create subtle waves, wrapping big chunks of my hair around the wand.

It takes half the time to dry, it feels bouncier and fresher and short hair is making a huge come back, so I feel rather trendy (ahem) with my new cut. I can also wrap up warm with scarfs and not have a huge tangled mess at the back of my head by the end of the day. (Any other long haired ladies suffered from this problem?)

Products for Short Hair

In terms of products I like to use on my new hair I've been using texturising sprays, my favourites being the Charles Worthington Front Row Salt Spray and the Bamboo Style BoHo Waves. These work really well for topping up dry hair throughout the day - they are super light so you can scrunch them into your ends without weighing down your hair with product. I will forever and always love the Front Row Salt Spray and one dreamy day when Mr.Worthington creates this smell in a perfume bottle I will buy out the whole of Boots because it's the most heavenly scent I have ever encountered. No hyperbole intended. But the Front Row range seems to have disappeared so I'm crossing my fingers that the Style Setter collection is just the same product in a new bottle....?

Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Spray is great on damp hair before blow drying but I'm careful about how much I use, I'm not too keen on the smell of this one but it does do the job in pumping up the volume a bit. Use too much though, and you'll feel the stickiness in your hair.

Philip Kingsley is a brand that's been raved about but this is my first time trying out one of their products. I usually never stray from my trusty Tresemme Heat Defense Spray but I am enjoying using this Philip Kingsley one on wet hair before using any heat tools. Just like the Tresemme one it's a lightweight product, smells nice and leaves my hair shiny and soft once dry. It's difficult to tell if a protection product is working straight away - I know that Tresemme works to protect my hair from damage so only time will tell with this one. I feel now more than ever it's so important to protect the ends of my hair, especially if I ever want to grow my hair out long again.

ShortSexyHair's Hard Up Gel is not like ordinary hair gel your brother used in the 90s. If rubbed between your palms is turns into a matte cream and holds a scruffy style in place quite well. I use it on 2nd day hair to get a messier blunt texture. This brand has a whole range of products for short hair so I'm keen to try out more.

And finally, my new shampoo of choice is Loreal's Silver Shampoo. Designed with bleach blondes in mind (which I am not) it works to get rid of brassy gold tones in hair and replaces them with creamy ashy hues! My hair is naturally a medium ash blonde but I often get a few highlights/lowlights popped in which can turn warmer after a while. I'm going to keep up with using this intense purple shampoo just to keep the overall colour ashy - I can already see where it's worked a little on my lightest highlights.


What do you think!? I'm keen to pick up some new hair products so if you have any in mind that work well for short hair please let me know what you use in the comments!




  1. You look gorgeous! The style really suits you :)


  2. really suits you!

  3. The haircut really suits you! I wish i was brave enough to go for the chop lol xx


  4. You look lovely Gwen, short hair really suits you! x


  5. Love the new style! I just had mine cut this length a few weeks ago too and I've been playing around with texturising products. I have to say, though, I found the Bumble and Bumble spray to be really good - I always spritz a load in my hair and it makes it really volumed and no stickiness. Just shows how everyone's hair is different! I will be looking into the ShortSexyHair brand though - so just right x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  6. You have such a lovely complexion

    Jenna || Jennafifi.co.uk

  7. You look so gorgeous! It really suits you and looks fresh :)
    I love Salt Spray for an effortless wave look too!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  8. I really like it. It fits you you well! :)

  9. This looks so lovely on you, and the product recommendations look really good! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  10. I wish I could be so... brave. I desperately want to change my hair routine but I'm fearing the chop!

  11. You really suit your hair that little bit shorter

  12. Absolutely loving your new hair Gwen! It really suits you. It seems we all fancied a change this year. As I finally took the plunge and got a full fringe and I'm loving it! X

  13. Love the new style! As a fellow short-haired gal, I'd love to see how you curl your hair because every time I try and do it, it just ends up being a not-so-hot mess.


  14. Yes darling! I feel your pain. My hair is also constantly tangled in my scarf! Pretty annoying.... This new cut really suits you though.

  15. This really suits you! I'm still terrified of cutting my hair too short after my mum once cut my hair when I was about 7 into a very very short bob! Wasn't a good look! I'm sure it'll be great in summer when (hopefully) it's hotter too :)
    Kerry x

  16. Wish I could be this brave. The new cut really suits you. But I'm keeping my tangled hair in the scarf for now. Maybe in the summer though...
    Hampstead Carpet Cleaner

  17. Makes me want to chop mine off.
    Greenie Dresses for Less.

  18. Looks so nice! Love the wave and texture xxx

  19. have you ever heard of the pro naturals brand? it's great repairing hair but if you just want to keep your hair healthy and moisturized, then you can use it too

  20. Your hairstyle is so pretty, I'm jealous!



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