Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Celebrating Women in Sport

I was recently contacted by bwin who are working on a project to celebrate women in sport and they asked me to get involved by picking a female athlete that inspires me. In all honesty, I don't have a sports star as a hero but I do know a female that is sports-mad and has achieved some amazing things. In fact, I know her quite well - it's my big sister! And oddly enough at the time we'd just completed a photoshoot in which I made her bring all her running/swimming/sweating gear along to the studio (and yes pose in a swimming cap and goggles) for some sports-themed portraits.

(stretching to warm up and swimming cap on!)

So when it came to picking a role model in sports, it had to be big Megs. Meghann's sheer determination and hard work inspires me. In fact it makes me feel lazy! I think she's nuts. Last year she completed an Ironman Triathlon in the States - and if you aren't sure what that involves it's a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile cycle and topped off with a marathon. Yes. Really. Bat-shit crazy. 

The race basically lasts all day from dawn til dusk and I was pretty sad I wasn't able to be there to cheer her on especially near the end. The whole family were refreshing Facebook every hour and closely checking her times online to see how she was doing but she did have some wonderful friends in the US that were there throughout the whole thing and were keeping us informed. 

It was a huge achievement when she crossed the finishing line, one that I wasn't really surprised by, because Meg is the sort of person that does whatever she wants and she wanted to finish. But I was immensely proud. And I hope one day I'll have worked so hard towards reaching a personal goal that it will feel that good when I do achieve it! (But I won't be running any triathlons anytime soon!)  

(with a few medals from her every growing collection)

Meg has been running marathons here there and everywhere for years now so adding swimming and cycling to her list of things to be amazing at was easy. What's next I wonder! Personally I'm not a sports-orientated person, although I did love playing Netball and team sports at school, I don't have the desire and drive to do this level of exercise anymore. My life goals and achievements are set in different directions but I can still wholly appreciate the level of commitment that Meg has for her sports and races and apply that same drive to all areas of life.

(in her Ironman finisher tshirt)

Throughout the training process for the Ironman Meg wrote a blog which you can read here My Ironman Diaries and I really think we should all be encouraging her to pick that back up again, especially those of you who enjoy reading fitness and food blogs it was really good! If she can inspire me to achieve anything surely I can inspire her to start blogging again! There needs to be more female sports-orientated blogs around and some variety in my blog reading habits wouldn't go amiss.


*this post was in collaboration with bwin

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