Saturday, 7 December 2013

One Line A Day

'One Line A Day' is a 5 year diary I purchased at the beginning of this year which has space for you to write a short couple of sentences each and everyday about something that happened. Either something extraordinary or something mundane. If you stick to it it's a fantastic way to look back on the year you've had. Choosing how to sum up your day in one line is the hard part! But the most exciting part comes at the start of 2014 - where I will be flipping back to the beginning of the diary and starting again. I can compare each day with 12 months ago knowing exactly what I was doing on that day in that year. The diary has room for you to fill up 5 years. And a lot can happen in 5 years of your life.

It's a smooth pale blue book with each page edged in gold and I've kept mine beside my bedside table all year. It's not too big or bulky to take travelling with you and it's fairly lightweight so you can pop it into a bag wherever you go. The best thing is you enter the year, 2014, 2015 and so on so you can start this diary at any point!

If I can commit to filling it in every single day it will be a documented piece of my history all in one neat little book. This year I got my first full time job as a photographer. Who knows what I will be doing in 5 years time! There are certain days of the year which are always busy - such as Christmas, New Year, my birthday and the birthday's of my friends and family. So it's exciting to think how these days might change over time.

I'm really pleased with myself for keeping it up all year long. There were some days I would forget to fill it in and have to backtrack a week and remember what I was doing (or check my calendar) but as long as you don't leave it for months at a time you can always catch up.

This 5 year diary makes a lovely gift - if you know someone who enjoys writing or collecting memories who can keep up with this small daily task (it only takes a minute each day!) If you are in the UK you can find this diary to purchase on Amazon here.



  1. That's a great little idea, such a cute book too

  2. aww I love the idea of this, would love to get this for xmas! x

  3. Such a cute giveaway!
    Email is :

  4. Ive been eyeing this diary up, such a cute giveaway!
    Natalie xx

  5. I looove these diaries- such a good little idea :)


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