Wednesday, 11 December 2013

GHD V Gold Classic Review

It's well known straighteners are no longer just used for straightening hair. This is why the GHD V Gold Classics are known as 'stylers'. I've always enjoyed using straighteners to create wavy or curly hair and that unique mermaid loose crimp. So I wanted to write a little review on the bestselling GHDs so you can see what all the fuss is about. They have been at the top of the market for years and it was time to find out why. This particular ghd styler is priced at £129.99 here from Argos.

GHD V Gold Classic Styler* - Argos

The GHD Classic Styler heats up in 15 seconds with a bleep when it's ready to use. This can make such a huge difference when it comes to getting ready in the morning or rushing on a night out. My old straighteners take forever to get to the right temperature but with the GHDs there is one temp setting, 200oC - they also cool down quite quickly too. The biggest selling point for choosing GHDs is that they have built in worldwide voltage which means you can take them travelling with you and not worry about blowing them up. I struggled to find decent straighteners to take to the States with my last year and ended up with cheap rubbish travel ones - I wish I'd had these to rely on! The plates are smooth and coated to protect your hair, they slide through the hair easily without pulling and distribute heat evenly. My hair rarely stays straight throughout the day because of it's natural curl but it lasts for so much longer with this styler. 

I'd love to blog more about hair products and styles in the future as it's something I don't really chat about but when in the mood, I enjoy styling my hair. I have several appliances I use regularly and these GHD Classics stay out on my dresser all the time. One thing I have learnt from friends is never to wrap the cord around your straighteners. It can cause it to break inside or the connections become loose so be careful when packing this up to travel with. 




  1. Great post! x

  2. GHD is always the best, I'll definitely have a look at this...I'm due for a new straightener soon :)
    Jenna x

  3. This has been really interesting. I've recently bought some ghd's but haven't quite worked out yet how to curl with them!

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  5. I've always wanted a GHD and preferably the pink one but this looks nice too!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  6. I've never tried ghds - need ti get my act together! x

  7. I just wouldn't be able to justify these. However have you seen the limited edition eclipse ones?! They are too beautiful.


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