Friday, 13 December 2013

Fitness VS Fashion

Recently SportsShoes have been running a Fashionably Fit campaign to help health conscious bloggers stay fit during the Winter - especially when the colder weather means it's much tougher to commit to exercise. I have to admit I am terrible for keeping fit. I go through stages where I have bursts of energy and want to run, swim and gym it every other day but more recently I've found life has got in the way. Being so busy means making time for exercise is not really an option so I'm trying to in-cooperate it into my daily routine and a new pair of trainers can only help to spur me on!

When SportsShoes offered me a pair to review I was more than excited to get my hands (or feet) on a pair of Nike Free Running Trainers. I went for the 3.0 which are the most flexible but Nike Frees are also available in 4.0 and 5.0 for whichever you prefer.

SportsShoes website describes them as "The Nike Free 3.0 V5 has the most minimal barefoot-like feel compare to the other Nike Free family. The Nike Free 3.0 V5 Running Shoe is designed for runners seeking the most flexible and natural ride, with an ultra-low, ultra-flexible midsole that offers the benefits of natural motion in a minimalist design. It is the most flexible compare to both 4.0 and 5.0 and it has a sock-like fit that hugs nicely on your feet to create a perfect hold." I wholly agree, these trainers feel like you're wearing chunky comfortable socks rather than shoes and at the end of a long day my feet don't ache. They are perfect for both fitness and fashion and the trend for wearing your running shoes with your day to day outfits is growing. 

If I do ever manage to get to the gym, or get outside for a jog I'll be wearing my thick black leggings (no embarrassing pants lines on show in these as they are super thick) a medium impact sports bra and an oversized crop top for a little warmth. Occasionally I like to flick through Blogilates videos on YouTube and love using my bright pink weights whilst I work out to one of her videos. Staying in to keep fit is much more enjoyable in this chilly weather. 

But to be honest - I'm loving wearing these trainers during the day. They work well with both skirts and jeans for casual and smart/casual outfits. I wore them to Clothes Show Live on Friday with a leather skirt and long fur gilet. But for Uni I tend to pair them with skinny jeans and a big jumper. This origami style layered skirt is from Lavish Alice here. And it's the perfect shape to nod towards sporty style whilst still keeping the look fashionable. Also featured above is my DIY perspex clutch which is still getting lots of love and attention.

How do you like to style your running shoes? I can see myself featuring these in plenty more outfit posts in the coming future.




  1. Great outfit x

  2. cute gym outfit, gwen! and very pretty legs *being a little jealous right now* :'D
    all the best ~ maisy

  3. They look fab, I really want a pair of pink nikes! I find if you have the right gear and feel like you look good, you're more likely to go to the gym haha!!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  4. I've been wanting to get a pair of these to try out heard so many good things.


  5. I love these shoes! Very sporty and stylish!

  6. Where did you get those pink hand weights from?

  7. I am obsessed with Nike Free Runs at the moment!

  8. Need to try these. I go through running shoes so fast these looks somewhat durable and I love the minimalist design.

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