Thursday, 5 December 2013

DIY Gifts for Girls

Following on from my 'DIY Gifts for Men' post I wanted to pop up a similar blog post with tips for DIY presents for your the ladies in your life too. So if you're hoping to make something this year for your girlfriends, sister or your mum, read on for my quick and easy DIYs...

001. Illustrated Makeup Bag
This canvas bag was made in the exact same way as my Camo Clutch and is simple two rectangles of fabric sown together with a zip along the top. For those instructions have a look at my Camo Clutch DIY or you can always purchase a plain makeup bag and jazz it up if you're not so good with sewing.
But basically this is a great DIY gift for anyone who loves their beauty bits or even just to be used as a travel bag. I made quite a large one and used a Sharpie to illustrate. I added a splash of colour with fabric crayons which are really fun to use; it's just like colouring in! You could personalise this further by choosing to illustrate your bag with initials or the name of the recipient and it makes a nice alternative to a shop bought bag.

002. Makeup Brushes Roll Up
All you need for this DIY is a piece of fabric 17" by 32" and some basic sewing skills. Lay your fabric out flat and fold up the bottom half length ways to create a long pocket. Place various sized brushed along the pocket to determine the width of each section. Pin everything in place and get sewing. I decided to go for a khaki coloured roll up with the camouflage print inside.
You can hem each edge for a neat look or leave it rustically frayed. I also sewed a second piece of fabric to the back to cover up the stitches but this is optional. You could always choose a thread to closely match the colour of your fabric.
When you're done sewing pop your brushes in, (a nice new set of Real Techniques or ELF brushes for a makeup enthusiast makes a lovely present) roll up and tie with a strip of leather or strong ribbon.

003. Glitter Jars
A DIY that takes 5 minutes! You need glitter, PVA or any other craft glue, tape and old jam jars. Tape off the section you'd like to cover in glitter, apply glue with a sponge to that area and either roll through glitter or sprinkle liberally all over. Shake off the excess and leave to dry overnight. Then remove the tape carefully.
You can put whatever you like inside the jars. Tea lights are always a nice option but I like to use mine as vases for real or fake flowers. If the jar is not enough you can always fill it full of goodies - sweets, colourful hairbands for kids, or you could put together a nail care kit with new nail polishes, and cotton balls. If it's a gift for a crafty member of family she might appreciate a mini sewing kit.

If you liked these DIY gift ideas please make sure you check out my DIY Archive for lots of great tutorials and even more present ideas. Or have a look at my DIY Gifts for Men blog post.
I always love to hear your feedback so let me know which one is your favourite...will you be making any Christmas presents this year?




  1. The makeup bag is such a nice idea! Thanks for these I've been looking for some ideas.

  2. Absolutely love the glitter jars, definitely going to keep that in mind for myself. haha

  3. I adore these ideas, thanks for sharing xxx

  4. These are great ideas! I am SO obsessed with that makeup bag, it's adorable xo

  5. the makeup bag is so cute! the glitter jars are pretty awesome too but once I use glitter, it's going to be everywhere for a week...

  6. That make up bag is fab! Definitely going to knock out a few of those for christmas presses, maybe with a nail varnish/nice soap in!
    Just wondering what font you used? It looks a bit like Archistico?? Anyway, I really like it! x

  7. I love this post i always think personal gifts are better i'll definitely be using these ideas! :)

  8. I love this post!!! Some really amazing ideas. Will be trying some of these out....THANK YOU!!!! :)

  9. Such cute ideas, I will be trying to make all of these as gifts! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 


  10. It's really nice to see a gift guide where you're actually properly talking about the things you've picked out!

    wedding gifts


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