Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Clothes Show Live 2013

Clothes Show Live happens each year in December at the NEC in Birmingham. It's a huge fashion festival that runs for 5 days with pop up stalls and shops in beauty, clothes and food where owners sell their items at discounted prices. But the main event is a spectacular fashion show that repeats throughout the day where dancers and models combined put on an amazing demonstration of the latest trends. 
The last time I went to CSL was around 4 years ago when I went with the arts department at my college. It's been so good to go back, this time as press which has allowed me to get up close and personal with everything the show has to offer. In the 4 year gap I think the show has become even bigger and better and I'm still overwhelmed at how hard the models, dancers and directors must work to put it all together.

I thought I'd share some photos with you that I took during the show. You may spot a few familiar faces - Dirty Sexy Things model BB was all over the runway as was Britain's Next Top Model winner Jade Thompson. Here's my quick run down of the hot trends spotted and some of my favourite looks...

This whole section was about gold and glamour. Crop tops for men? I'm not sure - but I was a fan of the glitzy blazers and sequined bomber jackets. Especially loving the huge goddess style headdress and thigh high sparkly boots!

We were treated to a little synchronized-swimming style performance before the models came out with monochrome oversized sportswear and see through backpacks and bowling bags. What I like about Clothes Show Live is the catwalk show is not just an introduction to a designer's latest collection it's a well constructed and entertaining performance. Which makes the ticket price all the worth while. Even if you're not that into fashion you would get a lot out of the show.

The screens changed again and we were taken to a festival site with a performance from a 'top act' and festival appropriate outfits. CSL tend to showcase the most popular trends throughout the year rather than aiming to predict next years rules but I think a lot of the styling could be applied to the upcoming 2014 Spring and Summer. My favourite bit - the pompom and floral head wear!

You can't have a fashion show without the underwear. Lots of black, burgundy and silk. And six packs. 

The show ends with a huge New Years Eve party - countdown and everything! We were a little alarmed when the models wanted to join us in the press pit but the show ended on such a high and left everyone feeling very excited for the Christmas festivities.

After the show we continued with our shopping - I managed to seek out the Ciate stand and get myself the famous Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar for less than half price at £20. At the time we were 6 days into the countdown so I'm going to start from day 6 and let my calendar run through to New Year too!
The arena is split into different categories that are colour coded from designer labels to the cheap and cheerful. A few TV celebrities were also hanging around, we spotted Andy from Made in Chelsea with his brother's fashion label JAM, Caggie, Proudlock and Jamie were all there with their various labels and Amy Childs, Jessica Wright and Ricky from TOWIE were being interviewed. Oh, and Henry Holland presented the show!

I'll be going along next year without a doubt, I'm not leaving it so long this time! I'd love to know if anyone went and what you thought of the experience.


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  1. Haha I dont think im sure about crop tops for men either...I dont want to see their nipples out like on the photos ha x

  2. uhhhh BB is SUCH a babe. i went last year and i came so close to touching him but he ran away waaah!! haha love your pictures, looks like it was a fab year again

    High Society // highsocietyfashion.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Uhhhh everyone on twitter was talking about this at the weekend! I wish I'd gone - definitely going to book tickets for next year, sounds like my cup of tea!
    Natalie | Just a Thought

  4. I thought it was pretty awesome. You could tell they put a lot of effort into the production. Shopping wise as well, there were some really unique brands there :]
    Wicked photos btw ;D

  5. I love the CSL, unfortunately I couldn't go this year but hopefully I will next! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  6. Absolutely love the photo's! They are brilliant! I also went to the Clothes Show on the 7th December. It was my first time going and it was amazing. It is so fun there and you can pick up lots of brilliant beauty/clothing products. I will definitely be going back next year! Hope you had a blast!



  7. I went this year, it was my first time and I had a fantastic day! Maybe one day I'll have a press pass xD
    Laura DemandBeauty xo


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