Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ann Summers Bra Fit Campaign

Bow Boudoir Ivory/Black Lace Set* - Ann Summers

Not too long ago Ann Summers contacted me to let me know about their Fit to Flaunt Campaign. Ann Summers recently conducted a survey into British bra buying behaviour and found that while over half of women claim to have had a bra fitting within the past 6 months, 60% are still wearing the wrong bra. They asked if I'd be happy to go along and get measured and pass on this message to readers of my blog!

You might be shocked to know I've actually never been properly measured for a bra. Or this may sound way too familiar? I decided it was probably time so popped along to my local Ann Summers (Market Street, Manchester) to get fitted. Plus I got to take away this beautiful set too!

The service I received at the store was excellent. I was greeted by Karen (team leader) and Marie who was my fitter. Marie popped me into a dressing room and I expected to need to remove my old bra and the measuring tape to come out - but I was wrong! Marie basically looked at the bra I was already wearing and checked to see how it fit me. She concluded it was fitting me very well, two fingers under the band, not too tight or too loose on the shoulder straps and the cups were not gaping nor too tight. I was proud to discover that through all my years of guessing my own size, and trying a few sizes on at one time, I'd guessed correctly!
So I was then introduced to lots of different bras in their range, and Marie ran around the store to pick some out for me to try on. I came home with this beautiful white and black lace set which oddly is all over the website to promote the Fit to Flaunt campaign - so I must have been subconsciously influenced!

I'd recommend that on your next trip for new underwear you ask for a bra fitting. It's free, quick and there is no waiting around. You might be surprised to discover you are wearing the wrong size or just happy with the knowledge that you are wearing the right size. Plus Ann Summers have some beautiful new sets in store at the moment it might be nice to treat yourself to a Christmas present!




  1. a striped one ... black & white or nay and white. Really cool :)

  2. I need to go and do this, I don't think I've been fitted since about year 9!? gosh


  3. I'VE NEVER BEEN FITTED. Oh dear, that is shameful!
    Jenna x


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