Monday, 25 November 2013

The Party Dress Test

Be honest, how often do you buy a new outfit for an important occassion and then never wear it ever again? And how often do you spend a fortune? have launched The Party Dress Test which is part of a bigger research project they're running to try and discover how to help people to get the most for their money when buying new party dresses. They recently conducted research that found 18-24 year olds are spending an average of £119 on Christmas party outfits. About a week ago I was asked if I'd like to work together on this campaign to persuade women to save money this year when it comes to buying a Christmas or New Years Party outfit. I'm always keen to save money and re-wear items in my wardrobe even though I'm the biggest culprit for only wearing things once.

I was given a budget of £80 to spend on a dress and accessories whilst also using items I already have in my wardrobe. So with all this in mind, I hit the shops and came away with a simple cami dress from New Look (cami style dresses are going to be huge this Christmas.) Mine is in a deep red with a velvet brocade pattern and a soft skirt that subtly flows outwards. It stood out to me as being extremely 'festive' which was also a challenge in itself for me to make this work after the New Year season too. 

But I've managed to put together three outfits with one dress and I can easily see this working with even more combinations! The dress was £19.99 and you can find it here. Some items I know the price of, others were gifts or purchased quite a while ago. But each outfit comes way under £80. 

New Years Eve
Karen Millen Heels - already in wardrobe
Michael Kors Watch - present from last year
Spike Necklace - Primark £3.50
Gold Bangles - New Look pack of 6 for £3

There's only one way to do NYE - in a little dress and heels. These Karen Millens were a 18th Birthday present and I've kept them buried in a box scared to ruin them but this campaign has inspired me to get them out again and actually appreciate their beauty. I'm more into my gold jewellery especially for evenings out so a chunky watch and statement necklace make this dress pop and appear more luxurious.

Boxing Day
Name Necklace - ONecklace
Gold Leather Converse - Schuh
Chunky Knit Cropped Jumper - Vintage find
Gold Stone Ring - &OtherStories

Feeling stuffed after a big Christmas meal? But still finding room for leftovers and mince pies? The shape of this dress will flatter a bloated stomach and not dig in or be uncomfortable. A cropped knit jumper will instantly make it more casual and a pair of gold leather converse are relaxed but still a little fancy for the time of year. I'll definitley be wearing this outfit on Boxing Day (maybe even on Xmas day) with a pair of tights to keep warm. 

January Sales Shopping
Doc Martin Style Boots - Primark £12
Cropped Mesh Sleeve Top - ASOS £9
Gold Stone Necklace - &OtherStories
Beanie - eBay £5 

I've been keen to wear this mesh cropped top from ASOS under a dress for ages and now I've finally found the perfect one. This style will work with any long sleeved tee and it's the best way to turn a strappy item into a warmer one. Adding a beanie and boots makes gives it that grunge look and really tones down the party aspect. A leather jacket, big scarf and thick tights are necessary! 

What do you think to my one dress styled three ways? Let me know if you'll be doing a similar thing this year. Let's stop the madness of over spending on an outfit we wear once and buy a bargain dress that can be re-styled again and again!




  1. This is a great post!
    My favourite is the third one!
    Very cool.


  2. This is gorgeous! I think the third way of styling is my favourite xo

  3. Sounds like a great campaign - love your three outfits x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  4. Love the dress, it looks so pretty and I love the different ways of styling it! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. clever stuff, you have styled the dress impeccably in three ways

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  6. You look gorgeous Gwen! All looks are very nice bu the 3rd is my fave.

  7. I really like that dress, great outfits too

  8. red and black i really love the combo. hey nice necklace! i can suggest you heels rather than boots to this dress it looks great on it.

  9. wow!! looking so pretty with that red and black mixed up...i loved your stuff with different way of matching..


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