Monday, 18 November 2013

Snow Leopard Skin

Custom Made Leopard Print Skin* for iPhone 4S -

I've had my iPhone 4S for a year and a half now. In that time I've gone through countless numbers of cases and covers. I've always kept a screen protector on the front and back and when you peel everything away my phone looks brand new. I'm impressed with how well I've cared for it. But there comes a time where you get sick of a bulky case adding to the size and weight of your phone. Each year Apple bring out a new ultra-thin paperweight product and we stuff them into thick rubber covers or leather cases. With a skin you can customise the way your phone looks without impacting on the overall slim design. 

I'm not quite ready to bare-all yet but I do love my new Wrappz skin. It's basically two stickers, one for the back and one for the front of your phone which peels away again easily if you change your mind. I covered my Kindle in a custom skin a few years ago and I still love the way that looks. This time I opted for a Grey Leopard Print Fur design. I found a photo online and edited it a little in Photoshop then uploaded it to the Wrappz website and sent off my design to be made.

It arrived within a few days and the print quality is excellent. I chose a fairly large image to begin with but even the texture of the fur comes through which is what I wanted. Applying the sticker was easy - I had no bumps or air bubbles to squeeze out at all but you can always pull it off and re-position. I'm getting used to life without an iPhone case but considering getting a bumper....

The best news is Wrappz have offered my readers FREE skins! You can grab a personalised skin for any of your devices using this code: 'freeskin' and you only need to pay postage costs which is couple of pounds.




  1. I love the leopard print it looks so wintry, very cute :) xx

    Jess Donnelly Art

  2. I love this, and can't believe they are offering free ones to everyone. I'm off to order mine!


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