Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ray Bans in Autumn

Ray Ban Aviators* - Shade Station exact product here
Tartan Scarf - Urban Outfitters Mens
Boyfriend Coat - New Look 

I've been meaning to get this post out for so long. Once in a while during these colder months, we get lucky with a bright sunny day. And there's nothing I like more than wrapping up in scarfs and hats and still being able to pop a pair of sunglasses on. Especially on early morning commutes to work when my eyes are feeling tired. These classic aviators come from the lovely people at Shade Station who stock a huge range of Ray Bans (as well as many other brands) at discounted prices. 
I've been wearing a pair of brown gradient aviators all year from H&M - it's a style that suits my face and I like that they go with nearly every outfit. But it's great to have a pair that are much more solid and carry the little 'Ray-Ban' logo in the top corner. If you were wondering I got these in the size Medium which is a lens width of 58mm.
This tartan scarf is from the mens department in Urban Outfitters and I get complimented on it lots. I found it in the sale last year but I've spotted them in stock again (full price unfortunately.) It's the softest thing and works well with my very muted wardrobe.

At the moment I'm either in Uni or working but I've had a little time off recently and I've managed to pack my days out. On Saturday I took a trip to Slattery's with the girls. Slattery's is a huge chocolate shop and they also have a restaurant upstairs. So to celebrate my birthday we had lunch. On Sunday I went diving with tropical fish, sting rays, one huge sea turtle and sharks! Yes. Seriously. I went along to SeaLife in Manchester where a friend of mine works and we donned wet suits and got in the tank with the creatures! It was an amazing experience and I think I should pop up a blog post on how it all went. I can't believe I only had to take a 20 minute trip down the motorway to dive with sharks.




  1. Love these, and they really suit your face shape too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. This is gorgeous, I really love how simple the whole outfit is. I am INSANELY jealous of the sharks - It's on my list! xo

  3. nice autumn look and I love your scarf!

  4. love this scarf and the pictures you took! x

  5. ray Bans are such classics that looks great on everyone and omg can't believe you got the chance to swim in one of their fish tanks - very cool! x

  6. I recently got a pair of wayfarers, and I love them perfect for the bright autumn days.

  7. These are so gorgeous, definitely need to invest in some Ray Bans:) x

  8. Love your photos! Ray Bans are a classic piece. Looking forward to investing in a pair of my own.


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