Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Homeware Items

A few trips to IKEA, a Birthday and a new burst of wonder in Pinterest has led me to some new home-ware purchases. I've never been all that keen on Pinterest. When I was stuck for something to wear that weekend or wanted some diy inspo I went to places like or Stylegawker. And Pinterest seemed to be filled with new mums, new homes and wedding decor and all of that stuff doesn't really interest me. So why have I been glued to Pinterest for the past week!? As it's grown in popularity Pinterest has something the other sites don't - it has very specific categories and a HUGE image bank. So when you search for 'cat jumping over fence illustration orange' there are hundreds of responses. Ok, well, no. I'm exaggerating. But there are ways to find just what your looking for. When I need fresh ideas for photography projects I have a quick scan of Pinterest or when I fancy baking I'll pin some tasty looking recipes. Unfortunately I have been inspired to up date my room with a few new accessories...

Remote Control Faux Vanilla Candles - The Range
Heart Shaped Chalk Board
The Photo Book - Amazon
Faces - Amazon
Faux Fur Throw* - Out There Interiors

First things first, look at these candles! I'm guessing these are a hate it or love it kind of thing in that they are fake, and battery operated and not quite as authentic as a real burning candle. But I spotted one of these on our table at a restaurant recently and really wanted one. I love real candles too of course and will continue to use them but they don't last forever and they are a bit of a fire risk. I found this set of three wax candles in The Range for £9.99 (including batteries!) They are vanilla scented - which isn't thrown around the room when they are 'on' but they smell nice if you stand near them. The set also came with a little remote control so you can magically switch on your candles from up to 4 meters away. The light flickers realistically and has a warm glow. Because the candles are wax they look even more real and I can pop them wherever I like without worrying about setting the curtains alight or burning the wallpaper. They don't even get warm so you could leave them on all day. If you want to see what they look like in the dark switched on, I posted a video to my instagram feed

New photography 'coffee table' books were Birthday presents. They've been sat on my Amazon Wish List for a while so it's nice to get to flick through them with a cup of tea in the evening. They're also really handy for my dissertation but shh let's not think about that. 
My little heart shaped chalkboard comes c/o Alison and was another Birthday treat. I love it! I'm still struggling to find it's perfect 'place' but it will also come in handy for photoshoots and blog photography. I'm now searching through 'chalkboard ideas' on Pinterest. Someone stop me. 
And lastly this faux fur throw that I've used as a background in my photos today was a gift from the lovely people at Out There Interiors. It's massive! Have a look at their site here. And the product page for this item. It's been a welcome addition to my bedroom. At the moment it's thrown over the end of my bed keeping my legs and toes warm at night but it's great to wrap around you on the sofa. I'm keen to use it for photography purposes too, babies and adults alike can sprawl on it's soft fur! 




  1. Homeware shopping is definitely one of then best types of shopping! I love the candles xo

  2. This fur throw is gorgeous and I love the idea of fake candles!
    The first thing I actually thought was 'careful having candles on the fur!' haha :)

  3. Loveeee the candles, think i'll be getting some of those! I'm obsessed with homeware atm.

  4. looks real comfy! xx


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