Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hiking Boots

Khaki Parka Coat - New Look
Cream Fur Cardigan - Desire Clothing
Orange Jumper - New Look
Beanie - Burton Mens
Hiking Boots* - Rocket Dog

My current go-to outfit for travelling to Uni and work. This parka coat gets renewed every year. I'm sorry to say it's not current stock but New Look never fail to disappoint when it comes to outerwear. I think this may be my 3rd Winter of wearing this coat but it's perfect for keeping me warm and dry. The huge deep pockets also come in handy for storing 3 pairs of gloves, hand warmers, tissues, lipbalm and loose change. After a few weeks I feel like I'm carrying saddlebags! 

These boots are far too practical compared to what I normal gravitate towards. But I love how comfy and sturdy they are, I can see them lasting a life time. They are Rocket Dog's 'Thunder Boot' and they also come in black and mocha. The little plaid cushion around the top is a nice touch. I feel like I should be hiking through forests and riding horses in these. 

Currently obsessed with Game of Thrones (just started season 2) and crafting bits and pieces whilst watching YouTube videos. I switch all my fairy lights on and light candles come 4pm it's that dark outside! But feeling the strain of Uni work, blogging and part-time work as everything is so busy right now. Shutting myself away and pretending I don't have a dissertation to write is not really useful. Oops!




  1. i love your style, Gwen! it's so casual but yet kind of edgy :)
    i've taken the liberty of nominating you for the Sunshine Award yesterday - i love your stuff and i hope you will stop by and check it out
    FYI, it is kind of a TAG. i know, you haven't really done any TAGs yet (i think?) but maybe you'd actually enjoy answering these questions :) there's 11 questions, which i made up myself since i was nominated for the Sunshine Award yesterday, and now i am passing it on to you. kind of hard to explain, but like i said it is basically like a TAG. i would love to read your answers!
    anyways. all the best ~ maisy

  2. these boots are cute, great for the bad winter we are supposed to get!? Bloody England!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, fashion & lifestyle blog

  3. You look gorgeous! I love this whole outfit. I've asked for a pair of Timberlands for Christmas, fingers crossed xo

  4. I love a dose of country style every now and then! Such a cute and cosy look. Parkas are simply heaven. Fact. :) x


  5. Love the boots!

  6. Loving this look! Liked on Bloglovin xx

  7. you are look wonderful !! i loved to learn about winter stuffs.. those coat and boots are amazing combination...


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