Friday, 15 November 2013

Have Yourself a Merry DIY Christmas!

I've got some brand new festive DIYs up my sleeve for this year but I thought it would be great to look back on my past tutorials of 2013 and re-invent them to apply some Christmas cheer. I've noted down some suggestions for each project but of course you can take these tips with a pinch of salt and go about things your own way. Many of my DIYs also make fantastic Christmas presents and will save you a fortune. Plus everyone likes to receive something handmade that you've taken time and care over. Click on the title links to see each tutorial in full...

Originally I printed these brown paper CD Sleeves for Valentine's Day. But swap the hearts from mini Christmas trees or snowflakes and you have yourself a Xmas themed case. You could burn a CD of your favourite Christmas tunes or pop some of your best photos taken in 2013 on to the disc and give them out to friends of members of the family.

Find some winter themed photos - from your instagram feed or pick out some old photos from the family album of your childhood Christmases and pop these into your jars. Add red ribbon around each one and you could even pop some fake snow inside.

These make lovely presents for friends and they are so easy to make. You can purchase silver wire if you're more of a silver jewellery person. Check out the DIY tutorial and have hundreds of rings in minutes!

Pick a deep red or glitter polish to transform an old piece of jewellery into your New Years Eve statement necklace of choice. This trick works with most jewellery items and could save you the expense of buying something new. Just transform an old piece of jewellery to match your new dress! 

How about choosing some left over Christmas wrapping paper to cover one of these simple notebooks? Go for a gold or silver sparkley paper and you have yourself a New Years Resolution note book. Keep track of your goals and promises. 

Personalise it for a friend by using their Instagram photos or make a Christmas themed collage using photographs from last year. You can make these as big or as small as you like - I really want to make one big huge one!

Take an old jar and pop a tea light inside. Decorate with stickers on the outside of the glass. Wrap a ribbon around the top and you have a quick and easy present, sorted. You could find some letter stickers and personalise each jar with your friend's name or Christmassy sayings such as 'All I Want For Christmas' and 'Let it Snow!' 

This jumper diy has Christmas spirit written all over it. Embellish a novelty Christmas jumper with rhinestones or just jazz up a plain one to wear throughout the holiday season. 


I'd love to hear your ideas about getting crafty at Christmas and whether you will be hand-making your presents this year. Leave me a comment and let me know you favourite DIY! And keep your eyes peeled for brand new DIYs coming soon...




  1. Lovely post!

    Emma x

  2. This year my sister and I are making our mum an advent calander for the first time, and filling it with little things. One of them is a CD of her favourite songs (she hasn't mastered itunes yet) and I was just going to pop a blank cd into her advent stocking. But the cd cover you posted is just gorgeous so I will definitely be doing that now to make it a bit more special :) Thank you so much!!
    Jenna x

    1. That sounds lovely Jenna! What a nice idea! Glad my CD cover has come in handy :) x

  3. these are all lovely, photo in a jar is such a simple idea but looks so cute!

  4. The instagram photos in jars and the wire stacking rings are such great ideas! x

  5. These are such great ideas! I love the sweater and the candle jars best xo

  6. These are such unique ideas! Totally going to try these out. Love all the Instagram ones, and the Xmas sweater!

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
    Recent DIY: DIY Lucite Perfume Clutch
    Recent post: The Chanel Painting

  7. Great little diys, I really love the jumper and Instagram collage

  8. hey dear.. very nice blog.. please follow back.. am following thks

  9. I absolutely love novelty Christmas jumpers christmas jumpers! I Just bought a black and gold reindeer one, I love the red one in the middle.

  10. Love some of these ideas, especially the nail varnish necklace.

    Naomi from NaomiGabriella

  11. I will be trying that Instagram Collage very soon!

  12. so helpful, thankyou


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