Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Although I'm struggling to find time to blog as of late - I thought I'd jump on and say Happy Halloween! Here's a picture of a pumpkin I carved today. The theme was starry nights and I couldn't leave the moon without adding a little cat sat upon it. I have no Halloween plans this year. In fact, I've not done anything for Halloween for years, my last costume was Wonder Woman I went out with a whole gang of Superheros!
I had a wee birthday on Tuesday and turned the grand old age of 22. How underwhelming! But the day itself was lovely; I spent it having a yummy breakfast with Josh (salmon and cream cheese bagel and a chai tea latte from Starbucks) and later we went out for an evening meal with the family.

Don't worry I will be back blogging with a vengeance in no time. I'm having a little unplanned and unofficial break. I'm back at Uni and working weekends so time is scare but I know many bloggers do the full time working thing and blog so I must make more effort! I've also been putting lots of time into my photography career and building a website with my web designer brother which is looking close to being complete!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this time of year. I selected a winner of my 'You Can't Sit With Us' Mean Girls tee but I'm yet to get a reply to my email. If I don't hear back in a weeks time I will be selecting another winner.




  1. Perfectly carved pumpkins! :D

  2. Pumpkins look great, very creative :)


  3. wow looks like you have a talent for craving pumpkins;) x


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