Friday, 6 September 2013

DIY Pom Pom Embellished Bag

This is one of those DIY projects I have been meaning to get on with for such a long time. I've seen various embellished and customised bag diys floating around the internet but I've never managed to find the right materials. I'm so pleased with how this has turned out, my crazy, hippy, pom-pom-adorned bag. So as always on DIY Friday's, here's the tutorial so you can make one too...

On a shopping trip last week I popped into Primark and found this plain but pretty satchel bag for just £4. I found various trimming at a fabric shop (Abakhan, Manchester) and especially wanted this pom pom trim which came in a variety of colours, but I settled for yellow and orange. You can also find trimming on eBay. In my head I was going for a Aztec theme with a bit of gold metallic thread thrown in. You need fabric glue and a needle and thread, pins are optional. The whole craft project amounts to under £10.


Start by choosing a section of the bag to work on. Cut your trimming or ribbon to the correct size, and glue down. Use a small amount of fabric glue, hold for 20 seconds and then let dry.  

I completed this section of the bag and then waited at least an hour for the glue to dry. 

This is optional, and it depends on how good your fabric glue is - but I decided to sew down a few sections, especially the ends of the trimming for extra security. 

I worked the orange pom pom trim around one pocket of the bag and found the lightweight little pom poms were no trouble to glue to the leather. Again it's important you let this dry.  

I then added the yellow pom pom trim all along the edge of the bag flap.  Once dry, I secured it with a few stitches here and there.

Finish by embellishing as much or as little as you like. 


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  1. This looks so original and I love that you can make it as fancy or simple as you want. Great DIY.

    Jazzie x

  2. this is such an interesting diy.
    you made the bag look absolutely gorgeous!
    good job!

  3. I love love love the end result! Such a creative post I loved it :D

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  4. Super unique! I was really amazed!

  5. I love this post! The bag looks great can't believe you did it yourself. I would have paid so much for that bag!

  6. This is amazing! I'm going to try this I think.

  7. Oh that's so pretty, I love it!

    Julia x

  8. Hey :)
    Have just discovered your blog and spent almost an hour perusing your posts! Love your writing and image style, your photography skills are incredible, what camera do you use?

    I'm actually new to blogging, I would seriously appreciate any feedback from any of you experts!!

    I'm at Fashion Mumblr

    Josie xxx

  9. This is so cool, it's given me just the inspiration I need on how to embellish a plain black bag I have at home!

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  11. I love this so much definitely gonna try it!

  12. Great diy, simple and really cute!


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