Sunday, 11 August 2013

What's On My Desk

I've recently had a bit of a bedroom tidy up and therefore wanted to record the evidence that my desk can look organised and is not always covered in papers, receipts and chocolate wrappers. I also popped along to IKEA and purchased these false flowers and milk bottle style vase. The vase was an absolute steal at £1 and I might have to get more for when I make the effort to buy real flowers.

But yes, here is where all the blogging action happens. It's not particularly Pinterest worthy but I have what I need and I'm quite happy with the overall size of my work space. It's huge! The main things I keep handy are my iPad and iPhone - surprisingly I don't own a Mac, I don't really get on with them and although I'm an Apple fan I'll be sticking to my PC. Oh - and also the latest copy of ASOS magazine for inspiration.

There's a shelf attached to my desk that sits over my laptop and TV. I keep my iPod speakers here, a few candles and some current box set dvds. I'm a massive fan of The US Office and I'm dying to get hold of the last season. I tend to play music while I get ready in the morning or before going out for the night and my desk sits in a central location in my room so it makes sense to have the speakers here too. 

Of course I have folders, notebooks, post-its, pens and pencils - all the usual items. But it's nice to keep some photographs on my desk too. I have a stack held together with this purple rhino magnet and I can flick through and change the front image whenever I get bored. Right now I'm looking at this shot I took it New York back in 2011. This pink rubber coaster is so pretty I have two, one's by my bed.

Looking to the right of my work space I have a notice board full of tickets, wristbands, photo booth snaps and a 20 dollar bill oddly. This is where I can be messy and stick anything up there. It's my memory board as everything is kept for a reason but it's getting quite crowded on there now. It might be time to upgrade to a bigger one. There is also a white board on one half which I rarely use. My favourite items up there are probably the ticket from the first rock band I ever went to see (30 Seconds to Mars) with Josh aged 16, my flight stubs from my trips to America and my Glastonbury lanyard. Just to name a few!

I sit at my desk to work on my blog, do Uni work and surf (and shop) the internet. I'm always interested spying on other people's work spaces so if you have a blog post featuring your desk or office I'd love to see! Leave me a link to it in the comments below...




  1. Oh my gosh - you have the little blue ghost nightlight! I love him - mine sits next to my bed. I think the blue one is easily the cutest of the ones on offer!

  2. You're room looks great! I wish I could get mine looking that fabby! :) x

    Shona's Adventures In Wonderland

  3. I love how you've decorated your desk, looks so cute!

  4. Your desk is really pretty! I love the noticeboard :)

    Ellen xx

  5. looking at yours makes me want to tidy mine! haha xx

  6. I love your desk it looks really cute, especially love the vase and flowers :)

  7. I love posts like this! I can never keep my work station tidy, oops!

    - Tabitha at Scared Toast x

  8. I love the flowers, they are so pretty ! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  9. Your desk is lovely, so organised. I try to keep mine tidy but during the academic year it just goes down hill.

    Water Painted Dreams

  10. Your desk looks lovely, love the flowers your desk is so organised wish i could keep mine tidy ha xx


  11. Lovely desk!! now I want to organize mine :)


    Style and Paper

  12. OMG, we have the same flowers. We're kind IKEA flowers twins.. (not really, but still haha)

    Loved your desk. And the photo that you took.. just one word can describe it: A-MA-ZING!


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