Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My iPad Mini

A few weeks ago I took the plunge and purchased an iPad Mini. I have the 16GB WiFi version in white. It's bloody amazing. I saved up for months with nothing particular in mind but I had been lusting after an iPad for some time - unsure on which size would be right for me. One night counting my penny jar (actually more like small notes jar) I discovered I had reached the exact right amount for an iPad Mini - so I took it as a sign!

But all the while I was researching into iPads, I couldn't find the information I was looking for. I wanted someone similar to me (blogger, student, young adult) who had similar interests (fashion, photography, blogging) to tell me all about their iPad and how they used it, was it worth it and should I get one?
This type of info just wasn't readily available. So now I writing up my own. I'm going to basically explain why I bought an iPad, show you how I use it and why I think you should get one too!


Of course, I have all the basics; Twitter, Facebook, Mail and Chrome (and Safari) which all look and work beautifully on the iPad Mini. The iPad is brilliant for reading, responding and organising emails. As I tend to check my emails in the morning on the train to Uni (or sometimes in bed) it's easy to just grab my iPad to do this.

Why the Mini?

I went for the iPad Mini as opposed to the full size iPad(s) for a few reasons. One, it was much cheaper. I paid £269 for my 16GB WiFi iPad Mini. Two, my boyfriend has the iPad 2 and I felt it was a little too bulky/heavy for me to cart around everywhere. The Mini will fit into most of my bags, even my larger clutch bags. (I went for white simply because I prefer it and also it matches my iPhone.) There has been a bit of complaint about the iPad Mini screen resolution, but for me it's perfect. It's no different to the quality of my iPhone 4S and I think the complaints are coming from users of the newest iPad which has retina display. I couldn't afford the latest iPad anyway so that wasn't an option. Screen resolution for the iPad Mini and the iPad 2 is the same. It's clear, crisp and the colours are vivid. I can't see any pixels at all.

The front facing and back facing cameras are much better in the Mini than in the iPad 2. I didn't buy an iPad for the camera function but it's always nice to have a good quality camera on hand and being a photography student and aspiring photographer, quality cameras (even in compact form) are always going to be important to me.


I love this app! It's similar to the iPhone calendar but so much prettier. You can view by day, week or month and see all your events as a list. I tend to stick all diary information into my iPhone when I'm out and about, but use this calendar to add more in-depth info or to look clearly at my month ahead.


These pictures also show off my case. The back case is clear plastic and the front is a magnetic pink smart cover. I bought the set from an eBay seller and it came with this free stylus! The smart cover is not super strong at holding my iPad up right but it works well enough and for the price I can't complain. It snaps on and off really easily (magnetic) so I can just pull it off completely or fold it flat behind the iPad.


One of my biggest uses of the iPad Mini is for reading blogs. Bloglovin kindly sent me this trial iPad app as they currently don't have one on the market but I can confirm Bloglovin for iPad is amazing and it will be available very soon! Exciting! It's clean, easy to navigate around and remembers which posts you've read. It's my new favourite way to catch up on blogs - I even prefer it to Bloglovin's website or Google Reader.
I'll keep you all up to date with it's release date so you can all download it! You can follow me on Bloglovin here.


I'm not a big gamer. I occasionally like to pass the time with a bit of Fruit Ninja and I'm becoming a little obsessed with expanding my farm on Hay Day. I couldn't recommend any top games but I can inform you that all the graphics look amazing on the Mini, clear, sharp and colourful. No complaints, it's a joy to behold! 


In bed with a cup of tea and a biscuit I like to prop my iPad up on my knees and watch all my favourite YouTube people. When Josh and I get together we search for puppy videos and watch Jenna Marbles. 
The app is simple to use and this is another one I'm beginning to prefer using on iPad than on the PC. The 7.9 inch display is plenty big enough for me to watch videos or films.


The blogger app for iPad is not fantastic. It's average. But I thought I should give it a mention anyway being a blogger an all. It allows you to look at past posts, create new ones and publish content. But I would never use it for this as I like to check how everything looks on a PC before publishing. It's good for emergency posting though, or quickly writing up a blog post to save to drafts for later. I can imagine if I was away from a keyboard for a long time I would use this to publish a few posts (or check up on scheduled posts.)


I have a Kindle. So why do I need the Kindle app you may ask. You can sign in to your Amazon account and see all the books from your Cloud right there in lovely colour! You then choose which books to download to iPad for reading. You can alter font, text size, brightness and even the colour of your background. I'm reading The Stranger's Child by Alan Hollinghurst at the moment. I love my Kindle but I'm wondering if I really need it anymore?


One of my favourite apps! It's so beautiful to look at. Paper is basically a digital sketchbook. You can have several sketchbooks with lots of pages and flick through each one, building up a mini portfolio of digital drawings. Above you can see my poor first attempt! This is one for long car journeys when you're feeling creative. You can save and send yourself sketches too and even change the book cover to a photograph from your own album.


A very useful app for us WiFi users. Pocket is a place to save web pages for reading later on - offline. So when you're half way up to Scotland on a train or camping in the Lancashire countryside you can look through videos, blogs, articles or basically any web page you've pocketed!

I've since discovered you can use your iPhone on 3G as a 'personal hotspot' for your iPad so even when WiFi is not available you can suck the internet from your phone. Winner.


Photo sharing sites such as WeHeartIt, Pinterest and Tumblr are some of my biggest fashion, beauty and photography inspirations. So to have them all on my iPad and see the images on a large scale is ideal. When I'm looking for outfit ideas I do a quick search and 'Like', 'Heart' or 'Pin' all my favourite photos to refer back to later.

TV Catch Up

I have the BBC, ITV and 4oD apps all installed. When I'm bored with what's on TV I can flick through and hand pick programs I want to watch; which run smoothly and at high resolution. It also allows me to catch up with New Girl which has been a live saver as I keep missing it on Tuesdays. 

I have no regrets about buying an iPad Mini. Mum also loves it, she's always eager to get her hands on it to play Angry Birds. I've only had it for a few weeks now but I've used it everyday. I hope this 'what's on my iPad' post was helpful to those of you on the fence about making the purchase. In my honest opinion, if you don't already own a tablet I'd go for the iPad Mini especially if you want something portable with all the lovely Apple aesthetics. I'm sure I'll be discovering new apps with time so I may have to do an updated version. Do you have any app suggestions for me? I'd love to hear about your favourites.




  1. Seriously want one now! I think I may save up!

  2. This is such a good post! I could really have used some posts like this when I was looking to buy an iPad. I went for the full sized new one - and I'm absolutely addicted!
    I'm downloading the paper app right now :)


  3. i was super lucky to get my ipad mini as a christmas present, and i adore it.
    blogsy is a great app for blogging- again i would rather publish and check things over on a laptop, but it's more more user friendly than the blogger app and they have great faq's to get started.
    i'm so glad to see that bloglovin' are finally sorting out an ipad version, it's my fave platform to read blogs so will be great to get that.
    penultimate is also great for noting down ideas- similar to paper but it's totally free.
    & hay day is definitely a guilty pleasure- there's also a game called little things which is super cute.
    phewf, sorry for the ramble- great to see another blogger using an ipad mini though as there definitely isn't enough hype around them!

    1. Ahh thank you this was helpful to hear your fave apps! I'm going to check them out :) x

  4. I love my iPad mini too and use it every day! Very useful post x

  5. I actually love this post :) I was thinking about buying one as they are so good for on the go and it seems to be a lovely complement for blogging! I think the mini is so good because as you say it fits into most bags and isn't too heavy :) I am definitely going to save for one of these now! Thanks for the extremely helpful post!



    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm glad your thinking of getting one! Not that I have shares in Apple, imagine! X

  6. Great post, I have an Ipad and love it. I think it's a great buy and I use mine nearly everyday x

  7. Oh no I really want an iPad mini now lol. I have an iPad but I agree about them being quite bulky and heavy, especially as mine is the first one. I definitely think this would be much handier for me and I would use it loads more. Best get saving! :) xx


  8. You have made me one! Serious envy going on! xxx
    Maddy from http://unstitchedd.blogspot.co.uk/

  9. I've been considering whether or not to get an ipad for a while now and have become more convinced to get one since starting uni and realising that carrying around a Macbook Pro isn't the most convenient thing. I've heard of a couple of people downsizing to the mini so I may have to check it out! Lovely post.

    Little Black Russian


  10. This was a really good post. I was fortunate to get an ipad 4th gen for Christmas from my boss, previous to that though I was trying to figure out if an ipad or kindle fire would be suitable for someone who blogs. There wasn't anything about. This post will definitely help out others in making their decision!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  11. Great post with gorgeous tips ! I can´t wait to see the bloglovin APP !!

    XX Luba

    Fabulous ARMANI bag is waiting for you on :

  12. What a great review, you've literally covered everything I wanted to know about. I'd been contemplating asking for one for my birthday in July, and you've convinced me that it can cover all of my needs. Excellent! x

  13. Great post, I've got the iPad 2 and I've decided to download a couple of the apps you mentioned

    Julia x

  14. I've never seen an iPad looking so pretty! I have the normal size, but I think the mini is much more useful.
    Just discovered your blog and I'm definitely going to start following you.


    India X

  15. I've been looking into buying an Mini IPad for a few week and i've been looking for a post like this. It was so helpful, i loved it!

  16. So cute and i really do want one
    S xx

  17. Ahhh I have been wanting one for so long! Thank you for posting this!

  18. You always have the best photos with objects and laying things out, and I agree this would defo be such a great tool for us bloggers huh! I just had to follow you on GFC! <3 Btw, I just posted my new outfit featuring gold forefinger rings and hand chains, quite an interesting take on a new arm party! Do tell me if I have successfully PROVOKED you ;)

    xx The Provoker

  19. I definitely enjoyed this post and hope to see an updated version! You've made me want to sell my iPad2 and get the mini now though haha. I've had mine since the 2 was released but really like the sound of Paper and Pocket so thanks for sharing :)
    Rebecca-Louise; autumnleaves-x.blogspot.co.uk

  20. Beautiful post, so nicely presented. AND I LOVE JENN!
    Lucia's Loves

  21. I'm obsessed with my iPad ( I have the iPad 2 ) I use it everyday, it's a lifesaver. I've also recently discovered personal hotspots too and it's amazing, especially if you're in a hotel and don't want to pay for wifi haha :)

  22. Wonderful post - thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

    George x george-porge.blogspot.co.uk

  23. I got an ipad mini for christmas last year, and i've been glued to it ever since. I've been looking for some good apps that I could download and found some brilliant ones on here so thank you! I can't wait for the bloglovin' app to be released!

    I'm fairly new to the blogging world so i'd love it if you would check out my blog too!

    Thanks again! X

  24. Ahh finally a genuinely informative post about the iPad coming from someone who'd use it in a similar way as I would! I was a bit unsure about whether I should spend so much money on just another gadget, but this definitely convinced me! Thank you! :) You should check out the Pinterest app, and if you haven't used Pinterest you definitely should give it a go! It's great for all sorts of beauty tips, but also tonnes of inspiration for anyone artsy!

    Kate x


  25. What a gorgeous post! I'm after an Ipad mini too! I wanna treat myself so thats next on my list... Your pictures are simply beautiful, very clear and so soft.. Lurve it!



  26. Funny that, I literally just looked up ipad uses and reviews for bloggers! I am so happy you made this post, it's the best one I've found.I am definitely going to save up to get one!

    xx Ari

  27. This post was super interesting to read !
    Great photography and so much good apps selection that you have (: Definitely going to download them all if I get this babe for Christmas, finger crossed :p

    Love from Italy, Giorgia

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  34. Thank you for posting :) This post is what I need as I'm thinking of buying ipad mini 16gb tomorrow!


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