Friday, 10 May 2013

DIY Layered Charm Necklace

 This Friday's DIY is all about creating your own layered necklace. You may have spotted this DIY in the latest issue of Company (in which I feature - yey!) the girls asked me to come up with a diy perfect for a dreamy mystic festival and this was what I had in mind. The difference between a layered necklace and 'layering necklaces' is that a layered necklace is designed for many chains to be worn at once and should not tangle as easily. I love the look of wearing multiple chains but the frustration of having to untangle them every 5 minutes is too much to bear! So today I'll show you how I created this boho hippy style charm necklace.

For this DIY you will need lots of chains at different lengths. I've decided to mix my metals and create a  necklace with both silver and gold. I searched through my old jewellery boxes to find lots of necklaces and charms that I no longer wear but still like.

You will also need a couple of pairs of small nosed pliers. Two pairs because unless you have fingers of steel, you'll need to pull apart jump rings. 

Select the charms you want to use. I didn't end up using ALL of these in the end but it made it easier to see what worked and what didn't. I'm not much of a jewellery designer so I just placed charms next to each other to see what looked good. Use your pliers to remove charms from their chains. Do not loose the jump rings! These are important later on. Keep these in a neat pile.

Decide how many layers of chain you would like. I went for 4. These need to be at varying lengths. The type of clasp closures does not matter right now as each chain is going to be attached to the same clasp. 

Lay out your design so you can see how the finished necklace will look. Then attach the charms to each chain, one by one. You may be able to slide your charm down the chain or you may need a jump ring.

After all the charms are attached to their designated chain, you can start to attach the end of each chain to the same large jump ring. Use your pliers again to open and close small jump rings - thread these all on to the same ring. As you can see I used a length of chain that allows me to alter the final length of the necklace. But it's not necessary. Check me out in the June issue of Company magazine to see me wearing this exact necklace!


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  1. love the necklace :) x

  2. This is so pretty!x

  3. Love your DIYs xx


  4. what a great idea ! love it !

    XX Luba
    Stylish jeans and floral prints in my look today

  5. THis is such a good idea, I'm definitely going to try this! So pretty xo

  6. Your DIYs are always so amazing
    S xx

  7. Oooooohh Man that is wicked cool!!!

  8. Heyyy this is such a great post, it's really interesting to see how you've created these necklaces on your own. I did a jewellery course a few years ago, and it feels great to get complimented when you're wearing your own jewellery!
    Much love, Sarah x

  9. great DIY and i can't wait to try this out! i love using layered necklaces to accessorise too!


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