Friday, 17 May 2013

DIY BooHoo Festival Fun

A very exciting package arrived for me a few days ago - it was full of DIY crafty goodies from the lovely people at To celebrate festival season and the on trend style of do-it-yourself fashion BooHoo have asked me to come up with some festival ready DIYs using a selection of items. I'm off to Glastonbury this year (my first ever festival) so I was keen to play around with simple ideas that anyone can re-create in a flash.

What's in the Kit?
Grey Oversized Tee
Fabric Glitter Paints
Tiny Gunmetal Studs
Colourful Flatback Large Gems

DIY Mirrored Print Gem Tee
I let my artistic fun side out with this Mirror Printed Tee using fabric paints and large gems. I feel ready to work my creative flow when I'm wearing this customised tee. Here's how I made it...

#1 You need to pop a piece of cardboard (or two pieces taped together) inside the top
#2 Squirt some fabric paint in random squiggles - I used blue and purple
#3 Add touches of black fabric paint to add depth - flick on with a paint brush
#4 Carefully fold your card in half therefore pressing your paint together - reveal the mirrored design!
#5 Using super tacky glue I added some flatback gems in a symmetrical design
#6 Leave to dry overnight and you'll have a unique artistic t-shirt!

DIY Embellished Neon Beanie
Jazz up a plain beanie by adding large multi-colored gems and rhinestones across the front section. I chose this neon one to brighten up a dull day. Simply glue the gems down along the turned up band of your beanie.

What do you think of my DIYs? When it comes to festival fashion all rules are abandoned and people will go all out wearing items they would never wear on the street. But why not!? Lets embrace the festival crazy and have fun with fashion. I'm hoping to blog about the items I'll be taking to Glastonbury this year, although I will be packing light and only taking a few essentials as to save room for all the food!

Did you miss out on festival tickets this year? Well then head over to BooHoo's Facebook page to win festival tickets for you and a friend and enter their competition!


*this was a sponsored post


  1. I love the mirrored effect! xx

  2. Love the hat - what a great idea!

    Jen xx

  3. Love the t shirt, don't think I could make squiggles look that good!


  4. I love the top, the puffy paints sound really cool! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. THis is so cool, I love the beanie xo

  6. Great post, really helpful and it looks so cute!


  7. Hey,
    great post and a beautiful DIY.
    I love the beanie most.


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