Wednesday, 22 May 2013


A few weeks back Glamorous and STYLEetc magazine hosted a blogger event at Sakura in Manchester and we were given amazing goodie bags. Each one contained a set of BassBuds in-ear headphones which was a fantastic gift from the guys at BassBuds and mine were in a hot pink colour. I love them and they even match my iPad! Since then the company have been in touch again and offered me (and one of my lucky readers) the chance to try out the BassBoomz range - which are portable Bluetooth loud speakers perfect for travelling with and playing music through all wireless devices. So that means your phone, iPad, computer or anything else you can think of that has Bluetooth. The Bassbud ear-phones retail at £34.95 and the BassBoomz are £49.95.

I've been really impressed with the volume and quality of sound the BassBoom produces and how easy it is to pair up with your devices. I'm going to Glastonbury at the end of June and this is going to be fantastic for our camp site. But even if your not going to a festival this year, you could head down to your nearest park for a picnic, sunbathe (maybe) in the garden or even host an BBQ party and get the BassBoomz out to provide background music.
In the mean time I'll be keeping mine at home and using it to fill my bedroom with music without the fuss of wires and cables everywhere. They are also really useful for studio use when I'm shooting for a Uni project, the BassBoomz are more portable than an iPod docking station or external speakers and when the photography studio is deadly quiet it can be eerily silent and awkward.




  1. WOW! Amazing giveaway I would love to win these my man is also very into headphones and anything to do with music as he studies sound production so this would be amazing to try out :D thanks for sharing this :)

    Twitter: Krystelc0uture

  2. Great giveaway! Thanks for doing this, I just entered :)


  3. I love your blog, it's incredible!! I love your ideas and thoughts, their very inspirational. I dont know whether you remember, but a while ago i sent you an email saying how i'm not sure about starting a blog. Your advice was so helpful, and even though my blog is still quite small, you've helped me so much.
    Thank you ever so much, i appreciate your help lots.
    Mia xxxxxx

    P.s if you want to see what you helped me create; here it is:

  4. Great product indeed . It looks like I've come too late to win these lovely earphones ! aw next time then ;-)


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