Thursday, 7 March 2013

Varsity Bomber

Burgundy Varsity Bomber Jacket - Ravi Famous Clothing*
Neon Beanie - H&M
Black Beanie - Beechfield
Leather Skirt - Lavish Alice
Aztec Backpack - Primark

Trying out USA College style in this outfit today. I couldn't quite decide between a plain black or neon beanie. I'm still unsure about wearing this SUPER bright beanie outdoors in the real world; I feel as though I'm drawing unnecessary attention to myself! I will however, never be removing this jacket from Ravi Clothing. It's the comfiest, warmest, bomber hoodie and right on trend too. I was unsure about the whole American Varsity style jackets at first but this one has changed my mind completely  And at just £15.00 it's a real bargain. I like mixing it up with leather pieces but it looks equally as cool with turned up jeans and trainers.

This backpack is also a new addition. It was £9.00 from Primark and is the perfect size for casual day trips. I think I'll be taking it along to Glastonbury this year too. I'm slowly getting excited about Spring trends although I'm clinging on to my heavy Winter coats for as long as possible! At the end of every Winter I can't even consider styling a Summer wardrobe until we see some sun and at the end of each Summer I'm baffled by what to wear for the cold months. I guess I have to take every week/month as it comes!




  1. I really love your ouftit! Beautiful bag!

  2. You look awesome! Love this outfit! xxx

  3. You really suit this jacket :) it's not something I'd wear myself but you look great! xx

  4. It looks amazing on you, you look wonderful.
    I always look at them, but think they're look silly.
    The neon beanie is wonderful too :) xxx

  5. Love your varsity jacket!
    S xx

  6. I absolutely love the neon beanie! I have seen it on a few bloggers now and I need one! Fab outfit! x

  7. Your backpack is super cute! I love bringing them along for day trips as well, they're so convenient!

  8. cant believe but varsity is everywhere in topshop!


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