Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fashion Week - What's In My Bag

Manchester Fashion Week is from the 22nd April to the 26th but I'm getting organised early! Time flies so quickly and I'm rather partial to making lists and this is one of them. Can you tell I'm excited!?
I decided I needed to prepare myself for fashion-blogger mayhem and think about the things that will help me through the shows, parties, backstage gossip and general buzz surrounding the city center.

So here is a 'What's In My Bag' Fashion Week special! (or more accurately, what's in my clutch.)

As well as the camera that is permanently attached to my body, I'm hoping to travel as lightly as possible during Fashion Week - and a roomy clutch bag is the best option. This tan one is from and has two compartments, a wrist strap and a longer chain strap for turning it into a small shoulder bag. 
Here is a closer look at what's inside...

Notebook & Pen
 for jotting down important information, dates, times and of course - key trends spotted!

Sunglasses - H&M
you shouldn't go to Fashion Week without shades

Healthy Snacks - Graze
to keep me going throughout the day. These shortbreads and a current fave.

Business Cards - Moo
for handing out to potentially anyone and everyone! 
Also useful for swapping details with other bloggers along the way.

iPhone Charger/iPhone
you never know when you're going to be stuck for battery.
Instagramming and Tweeting can really drain battery life, so I'll be sneakily searching out for a plug socket.

Hand Sanitizer 
in general this is a good one to keep handy at all times. 'Handy' geddit.

Lipbalm - Balmi / Korres Lip Butter 
because nobody wants dry lips.

Loreal Colour Riche Lip Butter in Cupcake
too add a shot of colour and moisture, it can be applied without a mirror. 

for sore feet, wear your heels but prevent blisters!

Spare SD card
have a spare SD card in your bag in case you fill one up or forget to remove it from your card reader before you leave home (I've done this.)

Rollerball Perfume - Chloe eau de parfum
to keep you smelling lovely and fresh all day.

So there you go, my top Fashion Week essentials! Have I forgotten anything...? I hope I'll be seeing some of you guys at Manchester Fashion Week this year, it's of course the next best and biggest city to London so were all set for a brilliant April. Follow MCRFashionWeek on Twitter or check out their website for updates on tickets and show times.




  1. That bag is super cute! Looks like you have all the necessities!! Hope you enjoy the week!!xx

  2. I love the posts... Gorgeous bag, and contents!
    Katie xx

  3. love the bag! so lucky there's another fashion week near you!

    chloe @chlowitty blogs

  4. love having a nose in other peoples bags ! cute bag :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  5. I love this type of post (maybe because I'm a bit nosey) but still, haha. That bag is lovely! I definitely need to learn to carry around less with me - I'm one of those people who would carry around a kitchen sink if I could.


  6. soo awesome! enjoy fashion week, kisses from Czech Republic!

  7. Really enjoyed this post! Hope you have a wonderful time, even if it is a while away yet! Graze's shortbread is INCREDIBLE! It's definitely one of my favourite graze pots! xxx

  8. Your organizational skills are great! and your essentials are spot on. x

  9. That clutch is super pretty! I love that you have snacks in your bag! Haha <3

  10. Lovely photos....have fun!!

    - Tabitha at x

  11. I really want to go to Manchester Fashion week but it's only on during the week and I have to go to sixth form and I never finish early! I hope you have fun! x

  12. Your camera is gorgeous!
    Ahh sure it'll be a lot of fun!
    So excited for you
    S xx

  13. love love your clutch! such a perfect size and shape for dashing around MFW!

  14. i absolutely love the shortbread and fruit dip snack from graze!

  15. Wow ! This is absolutely a cool collection of Knuckle Clutch

  16. Today Fashion become a passion of life and those picture really great and specially your dress so much beautiful.

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