Friday, 22 March 2013

DIY Polka Dot Denim Shirt

I've been spotting (geddit) polka dots everywhere! Especially on denim. I had some white fabric paint and a sleeveless denim shirt from Primark lying around so I thought I'd try making my own. I think the finish result will look fantastic in the Summer but it equally works under a knitted jumper.

In three easy steps I'm going to show you how you can make your own...

 What You Need
Denim Shirt
White Fabric Paint*
Ruler and Pencil (with rubber top)
Surface area to work on

*Dylon fabric paint is awesome because it dries soft, just like the original fabric. Plus is lasts really well and each colour is very opaque meaning you only have to apply the paint once.

Step #1 - Start by marking out where your polka dots will be. Space them 1 inch apart going straight across the shirt. Then space 1 inch all around each dot. Make a small mark with your pencil. You will end up with this grid pattern. I marked out the polka dots on the top portion of my shirt. But if you want to add dots all over the shirt then keep going!

Step #2 - Pop a plastic bag or piece of cardboard inside your shirt so you don't paint on to the other side. Work on a flat but protected surface. Dip the end of your pencil (rubber) into the fabric paint. Dab off any excess before pressing lightly on to the shirt. Don't worry, any pencil marks will disappear when you wash the shirt. 

Step #3 - Keep going until you have covered the top section of your shirt. I decided I'd like my polka dots to fade out and spread down the shirt a little. I randomly dotted the paint wherever I saw fit. The paint can be quite strong so work in a well ventilated area.

Leave the paint to dry completely before ironing on a high heat with an old tea towel covering your shirt. This  locks in your fabric paint. You can then wash your shirt and it will return to it's original softness.
I'd love to know if anyone tries this out, please send your pictures to or find me on Twitter @ThisFashionTwit.




  1. This is gorgeous! x

  2. This is so cute,i may try doing this on mine!xx

  3. Love this, so simple but effective!! X

  4. Great idea! Really easy way to let old shirt shine back ;)

  5. I love this idea! I think you can do the same thing using bleach! x :)

  6. Love this!
    So cute
    S xx

  7. So creative, and so very cute! I may try this out!

    trinawears | nyc style blog

  8. Ahh such a cute idea, so simple too!

  9. Thanks for sharing, so adorable!x

  10. Such a cute idea! I have this shirt and i never wear it so i might think about giving this a try! xx

  11. This is super cute.. it'd work well with bleach too.

  12. That's really smart! I love how your tutorials are always so easy for people to do and you explain them so well :D May have to try that ^.^

    Tyra xxx


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