Friday, 15 March 2013

DIY Monochrome Print Nails

Why not wear the latest season trend on your nails? Today I'm going to show you how I created this black and white monochrome print with a different pattern on each nail. All you need are a few tools to help you along, patience and a steady hand.
You Will Need:
- Black Nail Polish (Barry M)
- White Nail Polish  (OPI)
- Nail Art Pens (optional)
- Nail Brushes or alternative (pencil, cotton bud, kirby grip etc.)

Start off with two coats of a white polish. Let this dry. Have a search around for any tools you could use to create spots and stripes. Tape works well to section off areas of the nail. Here I'm using a dotting tool, dipped into black polish to create dots on the nails...

To paint stripes, slowly drag the nail art brush across the nail. Your stripes may end up thicker at one end but this is ok. Were not aiming for perfection. Ring binder stickers make great nail art tools as do pieces of tape.
Leave some nails mainly white and paint others mostly black. This makes a nice contrast for the overall design. I painted big black spots on to a white nail and tiny white polka dots on to a black nail.

The Aztec print is a little more tricky. Start off with three or four horizontal stripes across the nail. Then add polka dots, and vertical stripes in between each line. If you have a steady hand you can add in a zig-zag pattern.

Patterns Created:
- Stripes Vertical
- Stripes Horizontal
- Polka Dots
- Half 'n' Half
- Half Moon
- Aztec Print
- Black Tips
- Nail Framing

Let each nail completely dry and then finish with a shiny top coat. I used Seche Vite as a large blob of this will not pull at your design or blend your colours. 

And get ready to show off your Monochrome Print Nails! Wear them with a Monochrome outfit to be on trend with this seasons colours. Patterned nails brighten up anyone's day and people always ask about mine!


*For more DIYs or Nail Tutorials please check out my DIY Fridays page and Nail Art page.



  1. Love this nail look! I've been following your blog for a while now, it's one of my favourites :) xx

  2. These look great, I really love monochrome nails x

  3. Monochrome is one of my favorite trends, even when it's not totally "in". It's just so classic to me! Love these nails!

  4. I absolutely love this!!
    Really need to try it myself
    S xx

  5. So pretty, they look amazing :-)

  6. Love them! Using the ring binder stickers is such a good idea!

  7. They look great, so neat!! I am awful with painting patterns on nails, I have the worst steady hand!Xx

  8. I love that notebooks and the nail designs are adorable! | nyc style blog

  9. These look amazing! xxx

  10. LOVE these! THe dotted one is my favourite xo

  11. These look awesome! I'd struggle to come up with ten different designs on my own haha.

    Jesss xo

  12. I did something similar, but aztec all over! You can see pictures on my blog,


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