Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Big Hair Guide

My hair is typically quite thin and the longer it gets the less volume it has. Even though I have quite a lot of it, it can be difficult to get it to be bouncy and full of life. But over time I have picked up a few tricks and found a few great products that work a treat so here are my top tips to achieving big hair!

You need to start with the basic tools for combing and brushing. I couldn't live without my Tangle Teezer it's great for getting through wet hair gently without causing breakages. I only ever use the backcombing brush when my hair is 100% dry. Using a large round brush when blow drying helps to create shape and volume. Start at the very roots and dry your hair around the brush. Sectioning clips are useful when drying your hair, split it into three layers and start from the bottom layer working your way up.

I always remember to protect my hair from any heating tools. So prep wet hair with heat defence spray or a gel like this one from Redken - any that offer to add volume will also work well when creating big bouncy hair. I like this KMS Hairstay Style Boost Mousse - you add it to wet hair right at the roots which will lift them and add a little texture. This is good for when you want to backcomb a little later on.
My favourite trick is to add a tiny amount of talc powder to roots, especially on second day hair. This powder soaks up any hair oils and adds some texture. Finish with a good hairspray. This Wella Silvikrin one is super cheap but it really works well. 

The number one heating appliances you will need are a powerful hairdryer and a large barrel curling wand (should you want to create bouncy waves.) I'm also lusting after these Babyliss Big Hair Products which seem to work a treat for adding volume and shine to your hair. Has anyone tried a Hot Air Styler before?

So there you have it - my top products and tools for achieving 'big' hair. It's a look that needs quite a lot of work but believe me I don't use ALL of these products all at once! These are just some of my favourites to try out now and again. I'd be interested to know what hair products you can't live without and if you have any suggestions for achieving voluminous hair?


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  1. I would love to see you do a tutorial on this! I can never seem to get the big hair that I want :)

  2. This is a great little guide, I too have thin hair that at times really lacks volume. These products seem like just the thing to bring life back into my hair.

    The Introverted Brunette

  3. I love my tangle teezer and backcombing brush! Great post because I always suffer with thin hair :( xx


  4. i wanted to get the babyliss curler but every one said it wasn't that good now all of the sudden its hyped up should have gotten it before!

  5. great tips, I need to start using my barrel brush but haven't got the knack of it yet! :)

  6. Hopefully a tutorial to follow?
    S xx

  7. I can never grow my hair out cos it lacks volume, however I'm going to try this little guide :)

  8. can you do a youtube tutorial?


  9. Your hair is amazing, I really want to try a tangle teaser! xx

  10. I would also love to see a tutorial for this! My hair is thin, flat, and seriously lacking in volume and lustre (unlike yours!!). I have most of these products but obviously don't know how to use them properly xx

  11. I love this!
    My hair is so incredibly thick and heavy so I also have trouble getting volume.
    I don't use many products on my hair (except heat defense of course) but I am definitely going to get my hands on the root boost!

    Thank you x


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