Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ways to Wear - Running Trainers

Orange & Black Nikes - eBay bargain
Coat - New Look
Neon Skirt - H&M (sale)
Jumper - Primark (sale)
Scarf - Topshop
Thick Tights - Primark
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - H&M

Nothing thrills me more than the idea of wearing plain & basic trainers as a fashion statement. I'm not talking about the slim pretty likes of Converse or Vans. I mean the classic, made-for-running, big and bold trainers. (Or sneakers if you prefer.) Yes, the shoes everyone wears to the gym are now being styled with feminine dresses and skinny jeans for an on trend unconventional look. And the reason this makes me happy is because a) I have a fair few pairs of trainers and b) I'm all about the comfort.

Wearing running shoes to Uni or college is much more practical. I actually make it to the bus stop when I'm running for that bus! They're also great for shopping, cushioning your feet for longer. I often see women in smart suits walking around Manchester in running trainers and now I understand why. They keep their heels in the office! 

Image Credit:
Raspberry and Rouge from ASOS Pinterest
Susie Bubble via Pinterest
Adenorah on
Alexandra P on
French Elle on Pinterest

These girls are wearing trainers in the most inspiring of ways and I never would have thought to have paired mine with tights as well as skinny jeans. Today I pulled out a thick pair of Primark 200 denier to keep my legs warm similar to Susie Bubble's tights and dress combo. I'm also looking forward to wearing running shoes in the Summer with bare legs. Forget your sandals that cause blisters and throw on a bright bold pair of sneakers instead.

I'm sticking with whites, blacks and greys with pops of colour at the moment but I'd like to invest in a bright colourful pair soon! I find the best place to pick up cheap Nike, Adidas or popular branded trainers is on eBay. You will pay a fraction of the price for someone else's pair and it saves you trawling through the charity and vintage shops. Be careful with vintage shops selling you Nikes for sky-high prices labeling them as 'retro' which can mean anything from they are actually retro or that they were bought in 2011 and donated by the owner in a scruffy state.

I found these (men's size 8) black Nikes on eBay and managed to win the bidding war paying under £17 for them. If you want to find a bargain too then don't be squeamish about buying second hand or grubby trainers. You can always give them a good wash and air when they arrive. (Obviously don't buy a pair with giant holes in for 99p just because they're 99p. That would be silly.)

Let me warn you - it is addictive. I'm constantly on the look out for a new pair now.




  1. You look lovely! Such a wonderful outfit! Love how you've styled those trainers! xxx

  2. Love your outfit! It looks casual but smart.

  3. You look so good! I could never pull off trainers like this!Xx

  4. Love this!
    Im going to save up to buy Nike Free Runners, I think they look so chic and I can use them in the gym as well xx

  5. I recently featured some Nike high tops in my wish list. This has given me some inspiration of how to wear them xo.

  6. absolutely love this! I would love to walk around in my comfy trainers all day but still look acceptable, perfect excuse to buy some new ones :) x

  7. I never wear trainers but I could really do with investing in some as you make them look great xx

  8. I love this trend, it looks amazing!
    Katie x

  9. Loving the sneaker look! So practical yet cute

  10. You've actually encouraged me to purchase trainers!
    Causal look is looking lush
    S xx

  11. Looks so great, and im a huge fan of your high pony!
    My friend has your blazer, I want to steal it off her too

  12. This is such an amazing outfit! I recently bought this skirt for just £1, I was so happy. Ever since I have bought it I keep thinking about how good it would look with a pair of trainers. x

  13. Really like this post. I just bought a pair of Nikes and am totally enjoying wearing them. Just took outfit photos in them, actually - I must get that post up!



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