Saturday, 9 February 2013

DIY Valentine's Day CD Case

If you're struggling for an original, thoughtful or unique Valentine's gift either for your boyfriend, girlfriend or ...mother? Then I've got a perfect solution for you. Like the traditional mixed tape idea of the 90s why not burn a whole host of romantic things on to a CD? You can add photographs, his favourite music, songs that mean something to both of you or even make a personalised video message! As I'm not much of a soppy romantic I've just stuck a great album on to Josh's CD that we can listen to in his car.

But this DIY is not 'how to burn a CD' - it's how to create a homemade CD cover to put your personalised CD in! It's so easy (and cheap) so here's how you do it...

You're going to need your own hand-made wrapping paper. This shows you've really put some thought into your gift and the trouble you've gone to should be worth extra brownie points. All you need is a sheet of paper (the colour is your choice) and a stamp. You can buy lovely stamps in craft shops but it's cheaper to make your own. I did a very simple heart shape design using thin foam board. Potatoes also work a treat (like we did in Primary School.) Paint the stamp and press on to the paper in a repeated fashion.

I included one or two red hearts for an interesting pattern. This design is both masculine and feminine and has quite a vintage, hand made feel to it. It's perfect for even those who dislike Valentine's Day.

Here I am printing my pattern. Remember to print off the edges of the paper too like you would find in a sheet of wallpaper. Clean the foam stamp with a dry tissue before attempting to paint the red hearts. Wait for the print to dry (5 minutes) and then you have a nice crisp feeling sheet to wrap your CD in.

#ONE - Lay your CD on top of the paper.
#TWO - Line your CD against one long edge. Then fold the opposite length down to meet the edge of the CD.
#THREE - Open out the paper and repeat on the other side.
#FOUR - This is a good way to measure evenly. Your sides should be the same width.

#FIVE - Slide the CD down to one end.
#SIX - Fold over to meet the edge of the CD.
#SEVEN - Slide the CD down to the other end. In to it's 'pocket'
#EIGHT - Fold over to create opening flap.

#NINE - You can turn in the corners of the flap to make a nicer shape.
#TEN - Like this!
#ELEVEN - Cut a slit in the paper to tuck the flap into.
#TWELVE - Now it will stay closed all by itself.

#THIRTEEN - You can now glue down the sides of the 'pocket' 
#FOURTEEN - Put glue where the red dotted line is - sticking it down to the red square.
#FIFTEEN - This is your CD case from the back.
#SIXTEEN - ...and from the front!

Finish with a ribbon or bow. This can be placed inside a Valentine's Day card or presented on it's own. You can even write a little message inside the paper cover. What you choose to put on the CD is up to you. Make it personal to the receiver and your Valentine will be dying to know what's on it!

With some leftover paper I created a heart stamped CD case insert (for if you would rather place your CD inside a plastic case) and a heart stamped envelope. This DIY is so simple but I think it makes a lovely gift for anyone. I know I'd certainly be happy to get this on the 14th February!




  1. Such a cute idea!
    Katie xx

  2. This is dead cute!Xx

  3. Aw, this is so creative and thoughtful! ♥

  4. This is such a cute, simple idea! Love it xo

  5. Such a cute idea, it looks really cool! x

  6. Amazing (^,^)
    i love this idea..

  7. This is such a cute idea!
    Sophie xx

  8. Really sweet DIY! I love the pattern! xx

  9. I've always liked the idea of mixtapes but the personalised wrapping paper is a great idea

  10. This is AMAZING!! so cute!

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