Saturday, 16 February 2013

DIY Aztec/Geo Print Tee

Welcome to another DIY Friday! (Ok it's Saturday, I know! Sorry for the delay guys.) I spotted this Geometric/Aztec print burn-out tee in Topshop the other day and it inspired me to make my own. The finished result looks professional and it's really simple to make. The following tutorial will show you how I made mine and how you can make one too...

 What You Need
White Tee
Foam Boards/Potatoes 
Masking Tape
Fabric Paint in Black
Small Paint Roller

Firstly think about how to create your stamps. I made mine from thin foam boards. I cut out arrows, triangles and V shapes and stuck these on to bigger pieces of foam. You can find foam boards at most craft shops or paper stores. Alternatively you can use potatoes! Just like you did in Primary School. Cut the potato in half and then carve out your shape so it sticks out from the rest of the potato.

It's a good idea to sketch out a plan for your tee. I did a very rough illustration and noted down some things I would need. This allows you to transfer your design from paper to tshirt easily.

You don't need a paint roller but they can help. I found this sponge one in my local diy shop. You can use a big kitchen sponge or large rough paintbrush if you don't have a paint roller. My fabric paint is from Dylon and it's brilliant. It doesn't dry crisp or stiff it blends beautifully with your fabric so your tshirt is still soft and flexible. 
You can't even tell it's hand-printed!

Lay your tee out on a protected surface. (I used a bin bag and magazines) and pop a second bin bag inside your tshirt. You don't want your paint to seep through and print to the other side. To make stripes, use masking tape stuck down out at varying widths apart. 

Use a ruler to check they are the same width apart all the way across. But don't worry about it being too perfect, when worn uneven stripes won't really show.

Pour a little fabric paint into a plastic container.

Pick it up with a sponge, your roller or a large paintbrush.

Paint in between the masking tape! This look is all about creating a worn and faded effect. So bare this in mind and use your tools to make a textured print.

Using a small paintbrush I carefully painted my hand-made stamps. I then pressed the stamp on to the tshirt in a pattern. Remember you can use one single stamp in lots of ways. Try turning it upside down, on it's side, printing it twice to create a symmetrical diamond shape.

Here I'm using the masking tape to make a large triangle! Be creative.

Remove all the masking tape when you're finished to reveal your design. Let your tee dry overnight before giving it an iron (with a tea towel over the top) to seal in the paint completely. You can then wear, wash and love your new tee to death!


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  1. Love this! Wow!
    Katie xx

  2. This looks SO good!! You're so talented, would love to try this out some time xx

  3. This looks incredible! You make it sound so easy too, might have to give it a try myself! xxx

  4. That looks really cool xx
    too bad that i am completely diy challenged

  5. This looks INSANE! Never realised it could be so easy xo

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  7. OMG totally luvin this top you should start making crop top version!!!
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  8. Such an amazing DIY:) x

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  9. That's amazing! Definitely going to have to try this :)

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  11. I love this! It looks so fab!

  12. I love that potato stamps were a part of this. Rocking the pre-school art class techniques!

  13. Hi, I was wondering how you got into photography and what subjects you studied to get into the university course? As i am looking to go down the same route as you and by the way your blog is amazing. :) Thanks

  14. OH wow that's so amazing!
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  15. WOW you are so talented this came out amazingly!!
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