Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cara Delevingne Inspired Face

By no stretch of the imagination do I think I look anything like Cara Delevingne! But her beautiful face has been everywhere at the moment and I've been inspired by her simple 'model-off-duty' makeup. I didn't go all out with the brows as I thought it would just be a bit too much for me, but I did make them slightly thicker and straighter than I normally do. I used my HD Brow kit for this with a small angled stiff brush.

I kept the look all about my skin and used my Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions, Collection 2000 concealer as a base. I used Mac 'Utterly Game' blush along my cheekbones and added BB Diamond Cream in Pearl for highlights on the tops of my cheeks for a glowy complexion. On my eyes I used a medium warm brown all over, ('Buck' from the Naked Palette) and took that under my eye too. Delevingne tends to wear just as much eyeshadow under her eyes as on her lids! Then all finished off with a black gel liner from ELF on the upper tightline of my eye. All I popped on my lips was some lipbalm.

I apologise for the moody stare, but I thought smiling might ruin the whole 'grunge' look, hah. It's very low maintenance once you have the skin part done and it's an easy look I'd wear for day or night time. I did this just before going out for a Clarins bloggers event in Manchester and did absolutely nothing with my hair to keep that bed-head relaxed look.

I'm not too good with the whole makeup stuff - I like wearing it and buying it but when it comes to trying out new things I think everything ends up looking the same on my face! But if you'd like to see more beauty based posts on This Fashion Is Mine then do let me know in the comments below...




  1. I really like how it looks :) And yes, would like to see more makeup posts :Dxx


  2. Looks great on you :) xx

  3. You look so gorgeous, I love the simplicity xo

  4. Love this look on you!
    S xx

  5. So pretty! your hair is gorgeous too! x

  6. This look really works on you - your eyes look beautiful! x

  7. your hair look a like cara, but cara have black and bold eyebrow hehe


  8. stunning!
    Your hair looks amazing
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  9. Absolutely stunning! I'm sure Care herself would be jealous of your natural beauty and you hair xx

  10. I love how gorgeously clear your photos are! You did a wicked job with the makeup :)

    XOXO Sade

  11. I have really been impressed with Kara's whole off-duty vibe as well. Thanks for sharing this look.


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