Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What's on our Feet in 2013?

The Sandal Heel
I've seen these simple sandal shoes all over blogs and lookbooks this year but it's so difficult to find high street versions. I think Primark did a sandal heel not too long ago which of course sold out in minutes, and Zara have a simple black pair online. I love H&M's offering, a sport luxe twist, giving the soles a tred so you can actually walk around in them without fear of slipping. 
Unfortunatley they have sold out in my size so I may have to keep on wishing...

The Cut-Out
You have to be a little bit daring to pull off the cut out shoe. Topshop have some great boots and sandal shoes for Spring. The only trouble is what to wear these hardware chunky boots with... not socks surely!?
I'm hoping to grab a pair as we go into Spring to wear with boyfriend jeans or a midi skirt.

The Hi Top
Towards the end of 2012 we were all thinking about hidden wedge trainers, and every shop on the highstreet had their version. My predicition for 2013 is that we will feel a little more inclined to splash our cash on the big branded variety - choosing edgy styles to wear with pretty dresses. 
I know personally I've always fancied some vintage Nike Hi Tops - so I best get scouring eBay...




  1. I want some high-tops, and those cut-out shoes look awesome! I also really like any shoes with an ankle strap.
    Katie xx

  2. I'm desperate for some cut out boots, gives me a reason to buy some glitter/colourful socks :) xo

  3. I ordered a pair of cut out almost Chelsea boots in the River Island sale. I tried on a smaller size in store and they look better on, but with each day that passes and they don't arrive I'm talking myself out of them. I think they'll be cute though and they were only £15 so it's not that big a deal if I don't get much wear out of them. Like you say though, how do I keep my feet warm in them?! x

  4. asos have these metallic sandal heels that you might like

  5. ive been dreading the transition from big platform to a more simple and elegant sandal but theyre really are some lovely ones out there. but your right.. got to wait for them to leak into the highstreet stores first. Zara did have some plain black ones with black studs that were lovely but they went into the sale and are probably all out now!

    Love the hi-tops too. i hope its acceptable to wear nike blazers at the gym because i really do want a pair and need an excuse to join a gym!

    lovely blog anyway

    check my new one out xxx

  6. haha i had seen those sandal heels on h&m's website but i didnt realise they had a tred ! so cool and practical lol :D x

  7. I personally love the cut out shoes, the buckled boots are my favourite! xo

  8. Love the black sandal heels and the sneakers!!

    Eirini from

  9. Nice,Elegant,style statement collection.. Girls are going to be fully loaded this year.. just a start of 2013..

    Green Fashion Line


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