Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Valentine's Gifts Under £10 - Kitchen

I started putting this gift guide together and realised I was choosing everything food related! So I suppose here is my unique 'kitchen' gift guide to Valentine's Day! Oh, and everything is under £10 too - bargain. Links to products are below...

Pack of Five Message Beans -
Heat Changing Love Mug -
Spread Love Toast Stamp -
Heart Shape Egg Mould -
Grow Your Own Chillies -
Heart Shaped Straws Pack of 20 -
Cookie Stamp -

I'm of the mind that Valentine's Day is about doing things that show you care about someone rather than just buying them lots of expensive gifts. I have a vision of me getting up early to make Josh eggs on toast with this heart shaped egg mould and toast stamp - bringing him tea in this heat changing (reveals a message!) mug and baking hand stamped cookies all day whilst the message beans and chillies grow on the window sill. 
But in reality - this is never going to happen! Hah. I'm hoping he'll be the one to make me breakfast in bed!




  1. I love the idea of the message beans! xx

  2. Great picks!Both stamps are pretty adorable.
    The Introverted Brunette

  3. The message beans look so cute :) x

  4. the message beans are the cutest, haha! i might pick up some red straws and make my own hearts, i think they'll be quite easy. the only thing i hate about valentines day is that it's always red and pink...i don't know why but it annoys me so much.

    mmm, breakfast in bed would be lush.


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