Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Goddess Guide

Something a little bit different today. Here is a wonderful book 'The Goddess Guide' by Gisele Scanlon (which is the best selling style bible according to Amazon and currently only £8.96) is a slim book packed full of useful information on all things beauty, fashion, relationships and travel. There is a little bit of something on nearly everything. It's a great one for the coffee table or beside the bath - a book to pick up and flick through rather than read from cover to cover.

There are all sorts of subjects discussed by Gisele including teeth whitening, the best places to eat in London and how to find the best pair of jeans for your shape. I've been pulling out articles at random for a few days and there is still so much left to read. Imagine all the best parts of a hundred magazines shoved into one book.

I was kindly sent this book by none other than the people at Ladbrokes who are celebrating the new year and moving into 2013 and offered me this lovely box full of goodies…along with some other fashionable items (so thank you kindly Ladbrokes!) and after scanning through I thought it worthwhile to do a mini review for you guys. Not only is it full of top tips - (and none of that airy fairy inner goddess crap) it also comes with beautiful gold-on-black illustration that I thought went perfectly with my new sequin number...

Does anyone own this book? I think I'll be taking it with me every time I relax in the bath to flick through!




  1. Ahh I need this in my life! I'm such a book hoarder!
    The Introverted Brunette

  2. I've not heard of this but I love these types of books! I love the way you've photographed this too :) xo

  3. I love the sound of this book, it looks so nice as well.

  4. I have this! I love it, especially the illustrations and collages. Every page is like a work of art! I can highly recommend the next one too "the goddess experience"... Even prettier cover! Xx

  5. I love all these types of books but I've not heard of this one. Love the sound of it. Going to have to pick it up! Thanks for posting.

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos

  6. I've actually have been wanting to buy this! Not only because I buy every book that has anything to do with fashion and beauty, but because it would look PERFECT of display in my room:)

  7. This looks really good, may have to invest! x


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