Wednesday, 9 January 2013


 Beanie - Beechfield 
Khaki Top - Topshop
White Shirt - H&M
Khaki Sleeveless Parka - DIY
Black Jeans - Primark
Boots - New Look
Camo Clutch - DIY
Watch - Michael Kors
Spike Bracelet - Topshop
Chain Wrap Around - Primark

You may recognize this parka jacket from my leather sleeve jacket diy. I loved the finished result but ended up buying myself a leather sleeved parka that wasn't as heavy. So seen as though I wasn't wearing my own version as much I removed the leather sleeves and turned it into a sleeveless creation. It's perfect because now I can wear it over leather if I choose to - or over jumpers, shirts and tops giving myself whatever sleeve I desire! Today I have layered it over a sheer white shirt and khaki green vest from Topshop.

I made a camo clutch bag for my friend Alison at Christmas and I was so jealous I needed to make myself one too! It's a great casual everyday bag for when you need to pop out for a few things and can just chuck your keys, phone and money all into the one slouchy compartment. I'm going to be showing you how I made it and how you can make one too on Friday - so make sure to check back very soon.

I think this outfit sums up my favourite colour palette of the moment. Black, white and khaki. With some gold jewellery thrown in. It's easy and it suits everyone. 




  1. That's amazing the camo clutch! I wish I was talented enough to be able to DIY to that extent. This is such a clever way of layering up as it looks effortless and stylish. Plus you don't look like Joey on friends all bulked up! xx

  2. Looking gorgeous! Cant wait for the clutch tutorial :) x

  3. Lovely outfit, i love the DIY(:

  4. This looks great, you're a great crafty inspiration! DO you have pinterest? if not you should it's amazing for collecting lots of diy ideas and I think your posts would gather quite a bit of interest on it x

  5. Amazing outfit! You have a great taste! :)

  6. Absolutely LOVE this outfit, so simple and chic!

  7. I love the mix of girly and edgy here! Great look :) looking forward to the DIY too! xo

  8. I love all of your outfits!!!

  9. I normally hate any sleeveless jackets, waistcoats - whatever. But this outfit just completely works and I love this <3 Really liking the army clutch and beanie too <3

  10. The khaki jacket looks really good with the clutch! Love the outfit!

  11. Gorgeous Sleeveless Jackets collections!! Yo looking very nice in these outfit.

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  12. I love your photos and your outfit, and super jealous that you have great accessories and designer jacket!


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