Monday, 28 January 2013

My Graze Box

I very recently decided to give Graze another go. A few years ago I signed up for their healthy snack boxes but ended my subscription due to lack of money and their lack of choice. But Graze are now bigger and better than ever and I was drawn in by their new selection of goodies such as dips, popcorn, guilt-free high tea and fresh bread. They of course still have all the classics, whole nuts, fruits, seeds and olives.

If you have never heard of Graze before then let me quickly sum it up for you. Graze boxes are sent to your door as often as you like and come with four mini boxes of healthy and tasty snacks inside. You can have a box delivered once or twice a week on any day of your choosing. I get my Graze boxes delivered every Saturday. They come straight through your letterbox, no need to wait in for the postman and you can alter your preferences online so you never get anything you don't like. For example I'm not a big fan of pistachio nuts so I simple 'Bin' these online and I will never be sent any!

My first box was unfortunately delayed due to the heavy snow fall we had on Friday night, but I did receive a shipping confirmation email from Graze on Friday so I know it got stuck at the post office and not that it wasn't shipped out.

Each box comes with a leaflet explaining the contents - calories, carbs, fat, fibre etc. So you know exactly what your getting. I like to pop the little plastic containers out of the box and take these with me to Uni to snack on during or between lectures. It's healthier than a trip to the vending machine!

Graze say they always use the 80/20 rule when putting together your box. Which means 80% of your box is super healthy and 20% is to treat yourself. My summer berry flapjacks for example are 236 calories, which is quite a treat! But the garden of England berries are only 70 calories!

I always have a Graze snack in my bag now for any time I'm feeling a bit peckish. I'm excited to try out the high tea selection and the healthy popping corn that you can make in your microwave at home or at work.

Graze nibble boxes are £3.89 which works out at at less than 99p per snack box. And you may end up paying way more than this for the same quantity in shops. Plus you have the advantage that the snacks are delivered right to your front door - delivery is free!

The best news is that for ONE WEEK ONLY* Graze are offering a free box to all the friends of This Fashion Is Mine. So by inputting this code...' KVQ1J4H ' you get your first box free! (and I will too...yey!)

There is no pressure to subscribe and you can unsubscribe any time you like at just the click of a button.
(*If you are reading this review after the 4th February you can still get your first box absolutely free by using my permanent friend code 3LFMWW6.)

This post has not been sponsored by Graze or anyone associated with Graze - I just wanted to share my opinions on the company and show you what was inside my box. Have you signed up to Graze? What are your thoughts on their boxes and do they help you to snack on healthier foods?




  1. Their flapjacks are to die for! Love Graze, but I only ever do it when I get a half price box, haha.
    Katie xx

  2. Oooh, this sounds lovely :)! I may have to try this with the free code xo

  3. Love Graze! Although I think I've probs got a bit of a love hate relationship going on with it at the moment, but they do some of the nicest things! There flapjacks are incredible, and the pop corn is awesome! You just have to make sure you don't burn it! (like I did) Hope you enjoy your box! xxx

  4. All the snack boxes look so good ! Really want to try the flapjacks :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  5. Ah I love Graze, been getting the boxes for 2/3 years now and the novelty of getting yummy snacks through the door still hasn't worn off! I got one of those codes in an email today, need to start dishing it out :D xx

  6. Wow I've never heard of them before! They look awfully yummy though xx

  7. I signed up to Graze 2 weeks ago and my first box was amazing! I really like everything in it and because it was healthy food, I didn't feel guilty about having a snack for once. I got my 2nd box today and I have the Garden of England berries too which I can't wait to try tomorrow. Really love seeing the little box pop through my letter box, knowing I have tasty but healthy snacks inside! xxxx

  8. I love Graze, the price puts me off a bit though. I'm getting some delivered atm for about £1 each :) the deals they do are really good!

  9. I've wanted to try a Graze box for agesssssss! I've never committed to it for the usual reason: poor student, but if I tried this I'd probably stop buying chocolate and crisps on my weekly shop which could work out cheaper. Hmmmm. Great review I think I'm gonna really consider it!...but just one problem: how can you not like pistachios??? They're like little shelled pieces of heaven! x

  10. I've never heard of a box type thing like this! I've wanted to better my eating habits, might have to look up something like this in the States!
    The Introverted Brunette

  11. I used to be a regular graze box subscriber. I loved them but I couldn't justify the prices when I wasn't eating them all. The flapjacks are amazing though! xx

  12. My manager loves these; she's forever snacking on them at work! I always love how cute they look :D x

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  14. yaay thanks for the code! I used to get these all the time, but it got to the point where i was just spending too much and was forgetting about them so they all went stale! x

  15. these are some amazing stuff you showed here! Loved them all. :)


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