Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Links I Love #1

I got the idea of sharing my favourite internet finds with you guys from Fee at Makeup Savvy as she recently did a 'Lazy Links' post in which she talked about all the lovely things she had discovered online including links to other blogs, videos and quirky shops. I'd like to bring a little more of this into my own blog as I do so often on Twitter.

Reduced Nike Hi Tops

SportsDirect.com are having a huge sale (but when are they not!?) and I managed to pick up a pair of Nike Backboard Hi Tops for just £30.00 down from £56.99. These ones here are the pair I have sent for but they have tons of other colour combinations and styles. £30 seems to be the cheapest reduction but if your a hi top trainer fan then even the pairs at £40-£50 are worth it.

They will be my first pair of Nike Hi Tops and I'm looking forward to wearing them with leggings and neon!

Instagram Collage Generator

'Mosaic Maker' from Big Huge Labs is where I put together my Instagram Sunday collages. I get people asking me every week how I make the collages and this is the online generator I use.

I'm sure there are lots of other ones but this one is so simple. You need to sign up with an email address but after that everything is easy, and it stores all your uploaded photographs for you.

There are even alternative layout designs for your collages so you can make whatever you like.
I simply go to instagram.com/thisfashionismine to download my own instagram images to my PC and then I upload them to this online Mosaic Maker.

Style Gawker

Being a hude fan of DIY projects and handmade unique items, I find this website stylegawker.com hugely inspirational!
It's a collection of hundreds of do it yourself tutorials from hair and nails to wardrobe and home ideas it has everything I need in one place.

When I'm looking for a new rainy day activity or a way to vamp up an old tshirt I can browse through style gawker for ideas.
Each thumbnailed project is a clickable link which takes you to the full tutorial on the original website. You can even submit your own.

The Mancorialist

The Mancorialist is a blog dedicated to street style in Manchester city centre and I first heard about it a few months ago on The Guardian online. It is of course, a slight piss take on the ever so famous blog 'The Satorialist' in which often beautiful people are photographed wearing expensive clothes outside of fashion shows.

This Mancorialist is a little more gritty and down to earth showcasing some highly fashion-conscious Mancunians as well as some not-so-fashion-conscious Mancunians. I love it! Not only because I get to see flashes of my home city and may even spot people I know but also because I find it hugely inspiring and a real delight to look upon the wide variety of people in Manchester.
I kinda hope I'm featured on there one day!

Dior Addict Extended Ad

And then finally, lets leave it on a perfect mini film of Daphne Groeneveld advertising for Dior Addict with a fluffy kitten - yey! I'm hoping to make this 'Links I Love' a regular feature of my blog so let me know if you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful. I won't be writing them every single week, but anytime I feel like I have things worth mentioning I'm going to bookmark them and share the love...




  1. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing the Instagram Collage Generator, I'm checking it out now!

  2. Lovely post!
    Thank you for sharing the Instagram collage generator and I love the Mancorialist Tumblr!

    - Keeley
    Living In Your Imagination

  3. This is a really great feature, I can't wait to see more of these over the course of the year! I've not heard of Stylegawker so I'll be heading there now. :) xo


  4. ahhh thankyou for introducing me to Stylegawker! I also love the Mancorialist :) xx


  5. Ahhhh love those trainers! I really like this feature :) x


  6. Thanks for this! Needed an Instagram collage maker!
    The Introverted Brunette

  7. Really enjoyed reading this, LOVE those Nike Hi Tops, going on my shopping list! I use Copygram to download my instagram photos, it emails you a .zip file of instagram photos from a date range (or all of them if you want), it's really easy. Then I use the collage maker in Picasa which is also really good. Your way sounds really good too for people who don't want to download a program, good find! xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  8. Thanks for stylegawker



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