Thursday, 24 January 2013

Exciting News for MCR Fashion Week

(image taken at Sophia D Couture show in Manchester)

As some of you may already know I am an official blogger for Manchester Fashion Week which will be taking place on the 22nd April and run for five days. I'm so excited and today we all heard the amazing news that Kirtsy Attwood of Net-a-Porter fame has been appointed as Head of Fashion for the event.

Whats more I have now been informed of the location - MCRFW will take place at the iconic Urbis building recently named 'National Football Museum' right next to Victoria Train Station. This excites me for two reasons, Victoria is my station, meaning no lengthy walks or bus journeys to fashion shows and also I have a lot of history with this building in particular being the place we'd hang out every Summer when I was in my early teens. (The emo and mosher crowd would literally take over the entire lawn outside, so Urbis quickly became known as the place for the alternative crowd.) It will be fantastic to go back there as an adult and experience an entirely different kind of crowd. It's a perfect spot.

Over the five days Urbis will host 30 fashion shows and 15 exhibition spaces and I'll be bringing you all the fashion news from as many shows as possible! If you'd like to come along (and I really think you should) ticket information has not yet been released but you can keep up to date by signing up to the Manchester Fashion Week newsletter or keeping your eye on their website.

There is also the official Intern Opening Day where you can pop along and apply to work behind the scenes at Manchester Fashion Week. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to work in fashion and it will make a stunning example on your CV. Interviews are taking place on Saturday 2nd Feb and you can see more info here.




  1. Seems exciting! Can't wait to see your coverage on the event!
    The Introverted Brunette

  2. would you keep me up to date regarding the tickets? i definitely want to go, i feel like it's the first time i've had chance to take part in something blog related up north. i will definitely be trying to take the 5 days off work to attend. victoria is my station too, and that emo/mosher crowd was my teenage years, ah the fun, starbucks and free hugs!

    1. Of course! As soon as ticket info is released I will make sure to put the info on here and on my Twitter x

  3. How do you apply to be an official blogger for MCRFW?

    Great blog. Would love you to check out my latest outfit post:

    LurchHoundLoves | Fashion & Beauty Blog

    Now following you on GFC :)xx

    1. I was contacted by the team, but drop them an email to let them know you're interested! x


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